• Discussion: Favorite Thing To Go Back To?



    What's your favorite thing from the fandom/show/pony in general to go back to?  What never seems to get old for you?

    For me it's undoubtedly the show, but only certain episodes from it.  Don't get me wrong, I love the show in general, but there are certain highlights that I will occasionally put on again after it has been a while.  These include (but are not limited to), "Magical Mystery Cure," "Twilight's Kingdom 1 & 2," "The Cutie Map 1 & 2," "The Cutie Re-Mark 1 & 2," "Dungeons and Discords," "To Where and Back Again 1 & 2," "A Royal Problem," "The Break Up Break Down," etc.  I could probably list a lot more, but it's getting ranty and too much like a top 20 list at this point.


    I also want to re-read the comics at some point, but I suppose I haven't done that yet.  Some of them are really good, and I did buy them all physically to re-read them in due time.

    What about you?  Discuss Below.