• Discussion: Better World to Be in, G4 or G5?




    What setting do you think is better, G4 or G5?  Why?  And when I say G5, I mean current G5 where magic is back and everyone is on good terms with each other again.

    I think G4 would be a more fun place to exist personally.  Ignoring the better overall backdrops and the fact G4 felt more "alive," I just think the environments are cooler.  Not everything is clustered up into 3 major hubs; you get other minor locations where ponies exist all over Equestria.  There are also a lot of fascinating (but hazardous) places like the Everfree Forest and Ghastly Gorge.  G5 does have technology though, which can't be ignored.  Living in G4 means to give that all up, so it's a hard call.


    If I were an Earth pony, I would probably rather be in G5 because they finally have tangible magic x_x.  I am a Unicorn though :P

    What do you think?  Discuss Below.