• Gameloft's My Little Pony: Magic Princess Game Updated With Mane 6's Pets And New Story "The Case of the Pilfered Pins"

    The longest-running My Little Pony media of all time continues! Gameloft has released Update 77 (version 8.7.0) of their freemium game My Little Pony: Magic Princess, which is available on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Android.

    The update features one new story, "The Case of the Pilfered Pins", and the addition of Angel, Gummy, Opalescence, Owlowiscious, Tank and Winona as "Pony Pets". There's also "Upgraded Star Mastery", but I don't know what that means since I don't actually play this game.

    The patch notes are reproduced below.

    Hi, everypony! New adventures are ready!

    • New Feature: Pony Pets palooza! These cute companions are loyal and accompany you wherever you may go in Equestria!
    • Limited-Time Story: The Case of the Pilfered Pins! Somepony's been stealing the pins from the Ponyville bowling alley, and our favorite schoolpony super-sleuths are on the case. Help Apple Bloom and her friends in this exciting journey!
    • Star Mastery Upgrade! Get ready to fly to new heights! There are now THOUSANDS more Stars to collect, which means a whole barrel-full of new challenges and rewards!

    Enjoy new adventures!

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