• Discussion: What Would You Do With Pony?




    Have a Daybreaker picture just because I think she is underrated and super well designed.

    What do you want to see in pony?  What would you do if you were in charge?  What are your grand and master plans for the franchise?

    If I had complete creative freedom, I'd increase the budget and production time of G5 (This is wishful thinking in a fantasy world, I get it x_x).  It feels like there is something "missing" in G5, and I know more time and money would help remedy this (as it does with all things).  I feel like a lot of scenes and interactions are populated with a minimal amount of assets just to get a point across, and that if you are not directly involved with the plot, you are not on screen.  That's not *universally* true, but it's fairly often true.  Compare that with G4 where there are ponies all over the place all the time just wandering around doing their own thing, living their own lives.  It feels so much more alive than G5 does as a consequence of this.  I understand that there are limitations to the medium of 3D (and I am in no way criticizing the work of the show writers and animators, they are doing a fantastic job all things considered), but this is a fantasy world I can dictate with no rules or restrictions.

    Furthermore, I would champion the creation of merchandise that can appeal to a more adult audience.  It's not even as ridiculous of an assertion as you might think.  Pokemon has EXCELLENT merchandise for all ages (I understand they have more adult fans and money than pony, but we are allowed to dream big here).  They have adult clothing, jewelry, home decor, and the best factory plush I have ever seen.  I would love for this to come to pony even in a small capacity!

    What do you think?  Discuss Below.