• Community Soapbox: Migrating Ponies in G5, MLP Franchise Future, Blueblood Reformation, and More!

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    • Pony Migration
    • Entrapment of the Mind and Body
    • Why Misty is a Terrible Pony
    • Unusual things are happening to the My Little Pony franchise
    • MLP What If. . . Blueblood Was the One to Be Reformed and Not Discord
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    Pony Migration
    By: Grace

    On the G5 map, we can see that all three pony settlements are close to the water. The three pony kinds had all moved into three places, which is significantly smaller than the Equestria in G4. Whatever happened in the long and gone. Especially with the barrier that hid Equestria from the rest of the world being destroyed, you’d think that some ponies would want to explore more of what’s out there in the world. But that is still yet to happen. I hope that someday, all three pony kinds might start expeditions, and recreate numerous cities and towns to further rebuild Equestria. It could also severely benefit their economy, increasing trade between towns and what not. We saw in the movie that there is an old Zephyr Heights train station. Queen Haven could get that up and running again and build back up the railroad industry, which used to be a very popular form of transportation.


    Entrapment of the Mind and Body
    By: Grace

    In Friendship is Magic, it was a common punishment for villains to be turned to stone for hundreds of years. But, is it too cruel even for the most fearsome villains in all of Equestria? Early on in the series, Discord became free from stone. During the movie, the Storm King had also been turned to stone. In season nine, the same fate befell Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow. Not moving for years, not talking to anyone and only having your mind to entertain you. Discord said that he was able to hear everything. I’d guess you'd also be able to see everything if you had your eyes open as well. Imagine not being able to stretch, let alone move a muscle for hundreds of years! To me, that sounds very unpleasant. However, it might not be as painful as I think. Only they know.


    Why Misty is a Terrible Pony
    By: Symbols

    Misty may appear to be sweet and innocent at first but when you really begin to take a good look and think about it, you'll see that the truth is very different.

    She has never shown to actually care for Opaline at all, there is not a single scene of her attempting to comfort Opaline during times of distress or show any kind of affection towards her. Yet she expects Opaline to show her affection back?

    She seemed to be only interested in getting a cutie mark. In essence, it felt like she was just using Opaline to achieve that goal the whole time.

    And of course, she stabbed Opaline in the back for a bunch of ponies she barely just met, proving she clearly has loyalty issues. She is also knowingly deceiving Opaline by pretending to still work for her when in fact she is spying for the Mane 5.

    Also, while not outright confirmed, it is hinted she stole Opaline's treasured mane brush for no apparent reason.

    To sum up, Misty has committed acts of emotional neglect towards Opaline, using, betrayal, deceit, and possibly thievery.

    Certainly a far cry from this sweet innocent little pony people like to see her as. 

    Unusual things are happening to the My Little Pony franchise
    By: FirePuppy

    I must admit, a lot of unusual things have been happening to the entire My Little Pony franchise these days. Ever since we got My Little Pony: A New Generation, Hasbro has entirely stopped caring about Friendship is Magic, Equestria Girls and Pony Life in many different ways. In fact, the company has been deliberately refusing to allow any more official releases of new or unreleased material, such as the extended versions of the songs "Invisible" and "All Good" on digital MP3, Rainbow Roadtrip on DVD or digital, and of course, the clip shows as a whole -- all not just domestically, but worldwide. This in turn is causing massive censorship of streaming of Friendship is Magic, Pony Life and Equestria Girls media all over the world. And because MLP Wiki administrators like ImperfectXIII are still forbidding leaked information today, I'm getting the feeling they're now violating Fandom's Community Creation Policy, where there should be no option to restrict editing to a particular group.

    Owners like Shout! Factory and Discovery Family are doing nothing despite still obtaining the rights to Hasbro's properties. Even though all the My Little Pony DVDs are still in print, no new ones have been released for over four years. As for Discovery Family, the channel is still refusing to let go of Hasbro's 40% ownership, even after shutting down the Discovery Family GO! app, as well as the remaining 60% of the channel now being shared with Warner Bros.. Not only that, just recently, Discovery Family has even brought back entire seasons of the show that haven't aired in a long time!

    Hasbro is also not allowing imports of Generation 3 media into certain countries like Japan and Korea, almost like how they put the Generation 4 movie direct-to-video in both countries, while it managed to play in theaters everywhere else. If it stays this way, A Very Minty Christmas is going to break the 18-year record of being an unreleased film in Korea previously set by Kiki's Delivery Service.

    Even Generation 5 has had unusual things happen to itself. It took way too long for anything at all of this film to be unveiled, including the cast and plot summary, despite the release date not being pushed back. And then, in February of the year when the film was scheduled for release, the film ended up in the evil hands of Netflix, due to COVID-19 being severe enough to make this happen. I mean, if it hadn't been for the COVID-19 pandemic, My Little Pony: A New Generation could have been available on Blu-ray and DVD by now, instead of suffering a terrible fate with Netflix, where almost nothing made by them becomes available for purchase in stores.

    Really, what is up with all these unusual situations? It's driving me crazy!


    MLP What If. . . Blueblood Was the One to Be Reformed and Not Discord
    By: Double C

    Discord was perhaps a mischievous character that has started as a villain in The Return of Harmony to being somewhat an ally in the end. This was because Celestia wanted to reform him so harmony and chaos can coexist. However this was perhaps her worst mistake. Even though he’s done good things like with the season 6 final but his worst where in seasons 4 and 9. His action in season 9 caused both the tree and elements of harmony to be destroyed. But was Discord among few who the writers were thinking of during production of Keep Calm and Flutter On. If so there would be two that fit the episodes meaning with one will be mention later.

    Blueblood would have been the better chose for the Mane to reform instead of Discord. He is just as annoying but in a spoiled rotten way. This is perhaps why he was picked for the first What If IDW made. If he was in the episode which would have a different title since Fluttershy wouldn’t be the center of the plot. Celestia would have arrived with an annoyed expression, the royal guards dragging him out of the chariot, and she asked Twilight and her friends to reform him. We can see the Mane 6 having trouble and irritation with teaching him except if he encounters Applejack’s disputes with the beavers. We have seen him being diplomatic with the Yaks and perhaps he would do the same with the Apple family and the beavers. He would negotiate that the beavers can build their dame somewhere else that fits their needs. This would help gain his trust with the Mane 6 and Celestia since he learned after helping Applejack and her family.

    The episode Three's a Crowd is another episode that would better with him than Discord. Blueblood would crash in on Twilight and Cadance time and wants to spend time with them since we never did see them together. He mostly would suggest the things that royals do that both Twilight and Cadance find boring. While just wanting to know them more but should learn to both not barge in without asking and ask them on what they can do together.

    Dungeons and Discords would be the most exiting since this would have him interact with Spike and Big Mac. Both Spike and Big Mac would enjoy having him part of their guy’s time when the Mane 6 are busy. But he would feel out of place since he spends his time at fancy events and food while they do things like play board games, enjoy sports, and hang out at restaurants. They would all adjust to each other personality and learn about each other to having fun.