• Discussion: What's the Best Finale in G4?



    What's the best finale in G4?  I think the Season 2 and Season 6 finales are contenders for the best.  I like the changelings as a concept, and the introduction of them was done in a surprisingly fun way.  Chrysalis is a great villain for the show, and her revelation at the end of the first episode of the two was a nice plot twist.  This Day Aria is also one of the best songs from the show (if not the best), and it comes from those episodes.


    The Season 6 finale made good use of some side characters like Trixie and Thorax that don't otherwise get to shine, so it was solid as well.    The idea of taking the Mane 6 away and having minor characters solve a problem (along with Starlight) was a breath of fresh air by the end of season 6.  It also made me start liking Discord as a character, since he was doing more for the plot of the episodes than just being an all powerful prankster/jerk.


    Both of these finales do revolve around changelings at the end of the day, so maybe what this says about me is that I just like changelings x_x

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