• YouTube's War on Animation Communities - Made For Kids RANT

    You've probably heard of the "made for kids" nonsense that happens over on Youtube. It's a blight on our fandom in particular thanks to ponies being what many consider to be a kids brand, despite us taking it far beyond those boundaries. Double that for being an animated topic, something Youtube absolutely loves auto-tagging. Things that definitely shouldn't be "for kids" are automatically marked and served up to eyes that definitely shouldn't be seeing it. There are a few Youtubers who grew up in this era where Youtube would serve up horrible things under the "for kids" label dropping videos off complaining about it.Yet here we are, still under this umbrella of bad management.

    Littleshy is one of the biggest names in Brony Youtube having been involved since the beginning. He has popped up an interesting rant going over who bizarre and horribly broken this system is.

    Head on down below to give it a watch!