• Tabitha (Rarity) and Ellley-Ray (Mistmane) Heading to UK PonyCon in 2023

    UK PonyCon has sent over a general press release covering their Tabitha St. Germaine and Elley-Ray announcement, as well as recruitment for people interested in holding events at the con and the overall theme.

    Head on down below for the full thing if you are curious about attending or getting involved!

    Press Release: 

    UK PonyCon 2023 tickets are available HERE: https://www.ukponycon.co.uk/tickets

    • But that's not all!

    UK PonyCon 2023 is hosting two special guests this year, The amazing Elley-Ray and the fantastic Tabitha St Germain! Following Andrea Libman as our guest for UK PonyCon 2022? We welcome another member of the 'Friendship Is Magic' mane voice cast to our Nottingham based convention! Read all about our special guests HERE: https://www.ukponycon.co.uk/special-guests

    We are also looking for attendees interested in hosting events at UK PonyCon 2023! We have more information and our application form available on our blog post HERE: https://www.ukponycon.co.uk/blog/event-applications-are-now-open-for-2023
    UK PonyCon loves, LOVES our Stallholders! We are open for Stallholder applications for this years convention and cannot wait to see what wonderful and talented members of the community apply! Info is all HERE: https://www.ukponycon.co.uk/stalls

    UK PonyCon is delighted to be running with a 'Generations' theme in 2023, to celebrate 40 years of My Little Pony, as well as 20 years of Generation 3 of My Little Pony. As always? UK PonyCon is a convention for 'Every Generation we welcome and love all fans of My Little Pony and hope to see you joining us on September the 30th and October 1st this year! https://www.ukponycon.co.uk/