• 40th Anniversary Comic Details Revealed - 100 Pages Long, 3 Stories In All

    We finally have more details about the 40th anniversary comic that was announced a while back! It's a big one, with 100 pages in all covering three separate stories, each focused on different time periods in My Little Pony Lore. Head on dwon below for the details on each!

    Story 1: 


    Written by: Sam Maggs
    Drawn by: Keisha Okafor

    This one will take place in the real world and focus on four girls with their G1 ponies bonding together using their imaginations while saving a local stable from closing.

    Story 2: 


    Written by: Jeremy Whitley
    Drawn by: AMy Mebberson

    This one takes place in the G5 universe, with Sunny Starscout and the rest of the mane cast learning about the history of Equestria and the first ponies.

    Story 3: 


    Written by: Tony Fleecs
    Drawn by: Brianna Garcia

    Taking place on present day, with an aunt and her niece digging up a box of old G1 pony toys for entertainment while the power is out.

    Full synopsis:

    "Forty years ago, Butterscotch, Blue Belle, Minty, Snuzzle, Cotton Candy, and Blossom cantered onto shelves and into the hearts of children everywhere. Now, join IDW as we celebrate decades of ponies, toys, and friendship! First, from Sam Maggs and Keisha Okafor, travel back to the '80s in a story about four young girls, their My Little Pony toys, and the power of friendship and imagination as they try to save their horse barn from closing. Then, a story from Jeremy Whitley and Amy Mebberson, where Sunny Starscout and her pals learn more about Equestrian history and a place called Dream Valley. And finally, from Tony Fleecs and Brianna Garcia, in 2023, an aunt and her My Little Pony-loving niece have to rely on some dusty G1 toys for entertainment when the power goes out."

    From GamesRadar.