• 28 More of the Best Fluttershy Fanfics to Read for Fluttershy Day!

    It's Fanfic time! We've got the best of the best fanfics scouted out once again. Thanks to Whisper Key for digging them up!

    As usual, this is a different set than last year,  so if you missed those go get even more of her here.

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    Slice of Life




    FlutterDoomshy by Estee [8k words]


    The love of a pet can be strong enough to shake worlds. Years ago, a companion was lost, and unleashed rage left a trail of revenge across dimensions -- but none of it was ever enough to gain the greatest prize, and so every accomplishment was ultimately hollow. Love did not return.

    But now, after so much time, he's found where that love resides. It's just that it happens to be in the home of another. And with only a few more steps to take before reunion, the moment when he finally knows love again...

    Don't worry. He's prepared to be fully reasonable about it.


    A Gift from the Heart by Mindscape [4k words]


    Hearth's Warming has come round again and Fluttershy is eager to spend the holiday with her friends.

    But after taking care of her animals going to hibernate and getting ready for her friend's party, can she also manage to teach an overly enthusiastic Discord what the holiday is actually about?


    Eternity by Taialin [5k words]


    The greatest displays of strength are not always the most overt. Fluttershy is not whom one would consider to be a strong pony. But when Rarity digs a little deeper, she discovers in her friend a strength that carries the weight of hundreds.


    cherish by shortskirtsandexplosions [1k words]


    Fluttershy visits Rarity in the middle of the night. She's white as a sheet.


    Flurries by Seer [3k words]


    On Hearth's Warming Eve, Fluttershy has a warm cottage and a friend to keep her company. So why can't she stop staring out the window?









    The Alarming Agrume Amphibians Of Froggy Bottom Bogg by Estee [6k words]


    It really isn't Twilight's fault. She certainly didn't intend those exact results and given everything else which was happening at the time, there was no chance to fix it! Besides, it was just reasonable to expect that Ponyville's natural tendencies would solve things on their own. Probably without even noticing, and most likely with a squish.

    But that clearly didn't happen. Because when it comes to that particular experiment's aftermath, the worst-case scenario just came through.

    Fluttershy knows about the frog.

    Rated C for vitamins Crackfic.


    My Friend the Petsitter Is Not a Trashy Mare by Mockingbirb [3k words]


    Fluttershy said softly, "You know how your arms are symmetrical? Your left is like your right? I'm not really into that. I think it's gross."

    Then it got worse.

    In January, my friend Fluttershy accidentally photobombed my video chat with my girlfriend. Now it's just a question of who dumps who first. And who'll be there to pick up the pieces?


    The Trouble With Truffles by Golden Skies [4k words]


    Applejack has a secret, for years now she has snuck out into the woods with a pig in tow, in order to indulge in her secretive food fantasy: truffles. Knowing that she would never hear the end of it for the supposedly country-pony enjoying such a fancy food, she has done her best to keep her secret hidden. That is until Fluttershy begins to grow suspicious of her friend’s actions, and quickly jumps to the most logical conclusion upon investigation...









    The Empress and the Goose-Girl by Shaslan [12k words]


    Fluttershy lives a peaceful life with her geese, taking them every night to graze in the meadows above the palace, hurrying home before the forbidden sun rises. She tries not to look at the statues of the fallen princess with her sun cutie mark, broken and half-buried in the undergrowth. She tries not to look at the Midnight Spire as it rises before her, dark and terrible.


    Blue Sunny Day by Flashgen [7k words]


    After a long day in town, Fluttershy feels ill. While trying to recover, she has strange dreams and starts to recall meeting somepony on her way home that day. Hopefully, she'll recover soon, and be able to enjoy another blue, sunny day with her friends.


    Dear Diary by KitsuneRisu [12k words]


    I can't believe she's back, after all this time.

    But will she forgive me for what I've done?

    Either way, I see she's brought a gift...

    These are the final pages of the diary of Fluttershy, collected from her home and from the waters of the pond by her retreat. We hope she returns to us soon.


    Echoes of a Song by Loganberry [1k words]


    Fluttershy is renowned for her kindness, but that doesn't mean she's always done the right thing. Over tea with Rarity, she finally lets her friend know how cruel she once could be.


    Fangs in the Garden by PaulAsaran [5k words]


    Going to visit Zecora, Fluttershy and Applejack are attacked by timberwolves. The resulting fight and flight leaves Applejack injured and Fluttershy poisoned by a hallucinogenic plant. The good news: they got away, and neither of them are suffering anything life threatening. The bad news?

    Now Fluttershy has to survive a night in her cottage. Alone. With the plant's drug pumping through her system, she soon faces horrors of her own imaginings. Worst of them all is that eternal, hot yearning she feels for the mare who will always be there for her.


    I Don't Want to Be a Tree Anymore by Kris Overstreet [1k words]


    Fluttershy thought Discord's gift- a day all by herself as a tree- was a dream come true.

    Then she heard the voices of the Everfree...


    Our Only Comfort by SaddlesoapOpera [1k words]


    When a sombre milestone is reached one hot summer day many years hence, Fluttershy pauses to consider things, and soon she’s in a tense discussion with her newest, oldest friend.


    Overcast by Lupine Infernis [4k words]


    When Ponyville's pegasi suddenly bolt from the skies, Fluttershy endeavors to uncover the reason why.


    Community by Bookish Delight [4k words]


    Twilight Sparkle may have shown Starlight Glimmer the error of her ways, but Starlight is still new to the concept of true friendship. Fortunately, Twilight has true friends in high places.

    However, when Fluttershy and Starlight start talking about old times, the two find unexpected solidarity in shared heartache.









    Plush Toy by Apricotstone [5k words]


    Fluttershy takes it upon herself to sew a plushie of the mare she holds closest to her: the sincere, understanding, tomboyish pony Applejack.

    It's only logical that she should give the plush to her, right?


    A King and Queen of Infinite Space by AugieDog [4k words]


    Fluttershy and Discord keep pushing forward with their relationship even when they have no idea what they're doing.

    Especially when they have no idea what they're doing...


    A Little Bit of Nothing by Karrakaz [5k words]


    Rainbow has known Fluttershy for a long time, almost longer than she can remember remembering things at all. Lately, though... things have been weird. Not like... super weird, but weird.

    It's like... Shy is still Shy, but cooler? Not quite. It's complicated. Rainbow wasn't actually planning to do anything about it, though. Not until Applejack stuck her nose into Rainbow's business.

    Still, maybe it will be okay. She just has to talk to Shy, right?


    A Chaotic Change by Nailah [2k words]


    Discord adores Fluttershy, and would rip apart dimensions for her, so asking her to be his marefriend seemed like a good idea at the time.

    Fluttershy has always admired Discord, and how every moment with him was full of new experiences and joy, but when he asks her out, she isn't sure what to say. She seeks advice from the one pony she knows, that might be able to help her figure out the next step in the process. Rarity.


    Language by Taialin [12k words]


    Rarity has found a new hobby in meditating with Fluttershy, and through months of practice, she's not only learned how to listen to nature, but also how to read ponies and the inner feelings they hide. But she never wanted to read her best friend.


    Strip Poker by Baal Bunny [2k words]


    As their relationship has matured, Fluttershy and Discord have found a variety of different ways in which to pass their time together.


    This Is How I'll Remember by Petrichord [4k words]


    Fluttershy wasn't expecting to find a snow globe in her closet; even if Angel Bunny pointed it out to her, it most certainly didn't come from him. The most obvious candidate is Discord, but if so - why is it there? Who is it for?

    And why does the snow globe have a figure of her inside it, dancing amidst the perpetually falling snow?


    We're just feeling fine by Monochromatic [2k words]


    Despite loving Rarity, Fluttershy knew she'd never be what the unicorn deserved. That was fine, though. Maybe one day she'd be brave enough to do something about it, but for now, she was happy just to sit with her and pass the time.









    Harmon-Tree by TCC56 [1k words]


    Fluttershy would like to be a tree. She said so once, long long ago.

    On her last night, a tree answers.


    Their Last (and First) Hearth's Warming Together by TheDriderPony [2k words]


    On Hearth's Warming Eve, Fluttershy waits, alone, in a run-down barn for her last hurrah. The final holiday party with a certain somepony as circumstances have forced their paths to part. But fate is funny sometimes, and may take things in an unexpected direction.









    Find Out Who I Am by Miller Minus [5k words]


    Fluttershy has sometimes wondered if she’s not as straight as she thinks she is, but between battling evil, saving the world, and caring for lost animals at her sanctuary, she’s never had the time to sit down and figure herself out. But she’s only getting older, and if she ever wants to find somepony to spend the rest of her life with, she’s going to have to find out who she’s actually attracted to first.

    It’s time to undress the citizens of Ponyville with her eyes.