• 20 of the Best Fanfics to Read for Bats & Kirin Day!


    Bats and kirins have arrived once again! Everyone loves bats and kirin right? We've got a bunch of fanfics for you all today scouted out by Whisper Key. Go get them below if you want to read about interesting poni things.


    Slice of Life




    It isn't tea. by Petrichord [4k words]


    The School of Friendship takes all kinds of students and deals with all kinds of friendship problems on a daily basis. Some things are easily resolved: A fight between two students over lunch, troubles getting along with someone else during a friendship exercise, that sort of thing. Some times, it's more troubling behavior from more troubling sources; unhappy families, unresolved issues in the like.

    And then you run into some students with too much talent, too little self-confidence and an unusual approach to solving problems. Like Dusty Gust.

    Fortunately, The School of Friendship takes all kinds of faculty, too. Including guidance counselors whose knack for theatrics is surpassed only by their willingness to work with children, regardless of how atypical their problems might be.


    First Bat's Problems by Samey90 [1k words]


    I am a bat pony. I know what you think about me – I'm intimidating, I fly at night, drink blood, scare little fillies... Well, actually I'm nothing like that, though such reputation often comes in handy.

    But sometimes it's so hard to maintain it...


    Rendezvous with a Batpony by Gulheru [12k words]


    Many months have passed since Twilight Sparkle, now crowned Princess of Equestria, managed to conduct an interview with Midnight Wind, an amiable batpony that came to stay in Ponyville. She gained incredible answers, yet emerged with a lot of questions still. Now, as another meeting is set, she desires to know even more about his species.

    But some tapes are never meant to be shared with the public...


    Operation Wonderbit by Prane [29k words]


    The parentless ponies of the Canterlot Orphanarium are in for a great treat—the Wonderbolts are coming for a visit! The aerial aces are eager to join the fun, but Spitfire has different plans. When she reluctantly agrees to spend some time with the kids, she gets more than she bargained for from a gang of two-and-a-half most notorious orphans who will put her patience and leadership skills to a test like no recruits ever before.

    Spitfire, meet Chestnut, Glavia and Wind Whisper. Try to get along, will you?


    The Sacred Fruit by Alaborn [1k words]


    Princess Luna returned to Equestria, and with her return, the isolated night tribes, the batponies, have journeyed to rejoin their princess. Luna's first task is to settle a dispute: what will be their sacred fruit?

    Set during Season 1.


    A Sparkle on the Horizon by Raugos [6k words]


    Arc Weld has a bright space career ahead of him, but an unforeseen change looms on the horizon as the result of a little indiscretion on his part.

    Luckily for him, he might just stumble across somepony who knows a thing or two about change.


    Straight EEEs by Damaged [4k words]


    Moving is never easy, well, unless you are my dad. He just tells me one day, "General Sparks the Magnificent," that is totally my name, by the way, "we are moving to Hollow Shades." I had two days to say goodbye to my friends, and pack up my things. Trains also suck, but that is because they don't let me drive them.









    Fire Safety by FrostTheWolf [2k words]


    While on a trip to the town of Ponyville, Autumn Blaze and a few of her friends from the Kirin Grove find something peculiar. A contraption that's said to extinguish fires.

    Each one of them react to it rather differently... Yet, all of them still find a way to get themselves in trouble.


    Ferment Unrest by FanOfMostEverything [3k words]


    Having known her for her full time in Ponyville, Berry Punch could say a lot of things about Twilight Sparkle, starting with how enough booze to loosen her up would be irresponsible to give to a unicorn that powerful. But Berry had to admit, Twilight always learned from her mistakes. Sometimes that meant making daring new ones, but she learned.

    Berry's own mistakes, well, nopony's perfect. And apparently the same goes for kirin. You can't blame a mare for being curious.


    When a Kirin gets a B by TwiFan6789 [1k words]


    Every Kirin dreads the day they get a B...









    Keep Burning by Mica [2k words]


    Autumn Blaze never found the cure for the Stream of Silence.


    What's Left Unsaid by Gay For Gadot [4k words]


    Limestone Pie takes her youngest sister to the Peaks of Peril in search of something important. Marble Pie finds something else.


    Music for the Mare in the Moon by dragonjek and Miss Spectrum [9k words]


    For the nocturne of the Royal Dream Service, the night is the time when their purpose as ponies is fulfilled. By traveling through the Dreamscape, they are capable of delivering dreams to sleeping ponies across the world.

    Once each year, one deliverymare is chosen to carry a most important dream--tonight, that mare is Night Whisper. By all rights, it should be a delivery like any other.

    A routine delivery. A dream identical to that of each past year, delivered to a mare who lived each day identically to the last.

    But nothing can be called "normal" when flying to the Moon.









    Station Thirteen by Jarvy Jared [14k words]


    Cypress Flash has worked at Station Thirteen as part of the Logistics department for a month, and has had no reason to believe that it would ever be interesting. That changes when one day, he uncovers a perplexing mystery in the form of components missing from the storeroom. It'll be up to him and Kai, the station's only Changeling, to figure out not just who stole these supplies, but also why.


    Cypress Zero by Odd_Sarge [113k words]


    The kirins are a quiet folk. They tread lightly in their place among the stars, so lightly that they may well be silent, but they're there. Some consider their presence in the cosmic game a blessing. To others, an annoyance at most. What is certain is that they are peacemakers to all.

    Searing Cold is a different kind of kirin, but he is still a peacemaker.

    Even for a war machine on the run.









    The Last Nightguard by Georg [100k words]


    Despite Princess Luna being rescued from the cruel embrace of Nightmare Moon and returned to her sister’s loving side, there is a dark secret of death and betrayal lurking in the moon’s shadow. Soon it will threaten the Royal Sisters’ reunion and ignite the flames of their deadly conflict again, unless a mere child can show them the way.

    The last Nightguard is coming. Nothing will stop him until his nemesis is destroyed, not even death.


    Her Soldiers, We by Tigerhorse [43k words]


    Vesperquines—batponies—have faithfully guarded Equestria's night for a thousand years. Apart from Celestia, they alone have kept the memory of Princess Luna alive in their hearts. And they alone know of their failure, of how they were not the friends she needed when jealousy and despair gnawed at her.

    They pray for a second chance. They vow to do better.

    And then, one night, miraculously, she returns.

    But the princess whose memory they cherish is still lost to her mad fury. And for a young recruit of the Night Guard, the nightmare has just begun.









    The Origin Of A Species by MasterThief [3k words]


    An inspired linguist. An ancient stone tablet. And the story of how a new species, made in love and forged in fire, came to be.


    An Unexpected Winter Journey by Admiral Biscuit [7k words]


    Now that her village is full of chatter and cheer, now that one of the Kirin is in Friendship School, Rain Shine decides that she's going to visit Ponyville for Hearth's Warming.

    Unfortunately, she doesn't understand trains as well as she should.

    On the plus side, she makes a new friend along the way. Sometimes the best friends are the ones you've just met.


    City of Monsters by Georg [5k words]


    Dee was a very brave batpony who always obeyed her Mama, but every year during the full moon, when the leaves began to change and the cold winds blew, she felt the tug of a city far, far away, where the other children told of monsters who came out to play for one night. This year she is determined to travel all the way through the forest to the city and see with her own eyes just what is so special, no matter how dangerous the trip is, no matter how far she has to fly, or how frighteningly different the monsters are.

    Or how similar.