• The New G5 Pony's Name is "Violette Rainbow"! My Little Pony Comic #14 Synopsis Released.

    The synopsis for the 14th My Little Pony G5 comic has been revealed, finally giving us a name for that new pony that dropped last month! Introducing Violette Rainbow, a unicorn who is apparently a friend of Izzy in canon.

    Head on down below for the information on it. The comic drops on the .

    Written by TEE FRANKLIN;
    Illustrated by AMY MEBBERSON;
    Release: 5th of July 

    New Synopsis:

    Everypony meet Izzy’s most favorite crafting protegee: Violette Rainbow! Violette is super excited to see Maretime Bay, have a traditional Unicorn sleepover with her favorite fillysitter, and meet the famous Sunny Starscout. But she is feeling self-conscious about her spotty coat because it’s caused by vitiligo. It’s up to Izzy to help Violette see the beauty in her unique sparkle!