• Open Brony Music (All Skill Levels Welcome) - #62

    Open Music has arrived once again, where instrumental tracks and everything else are all welcome to blast your ears with good feels. 

    Head on down below to check it all out as always!

    [1] Source
    ♫ Applejack's Theme: Element of Honesty ♫ by Harmpony

    [2] Source
    Thrack - Medium Sneaky (Feat. Jesh PK & CantoAcrylic) by Thrack

    [3] Source
    Hope Shines Eternal (LateToTheParty Remix) by LateToTheParty

    [4] Source
    EveryDayDashie - The Legend of the Pony Heroes 小马英雄传 (Epic Orchestral/Electro Bounce) by EveryDayDashie

    [5] Source
    [Jump up/Drum & Bass] Flemming-Amsterdam (Acid Applejack DNB Remix) by Acid Applejack official YT

    [6] Source
    Disciple - Dubstep Starter Pack Vol. 1 by Rarity Vrymer Collective

    [7] Source
    [Piano Ambiance] Skyshard - Morning Rain (VibePoniez: Hearth's Warming vol 2) by Skyshard

    [8] Source
    Pipetka - Background by Pipetka

    [9] Source
    Sincerely Me - DEH Cover (ft. Melody Snowflake and Voxel Hoof) by FireArt Productions

    [10] Source
    KIANA Where did you go Pony Version by Dandelion Ass

    [11] Source
    Maretime Bay TS by Swagg Bronii

    [12] Source
    ♫ Shining Armor's Theme: Captain of the Royal Guard ♫ by Harmpony

    [13] Source
    ♫ Cadance's Theme: Princess of Love ♫ by Harmpony

    [14] Source
    Slumber Party - MLP Convention Music [HarmonyCon 2023 Release] by Pit Crew