• My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale Arrives On Netflix

    The first 20 shorts from My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale are now available on the streaming service Netflix!

    According to Wikipedia, Netflix is an over-the-top subscription video on-demand service which includes original films and television series commissioned or acquired by Netflix Inc., and third-party content licensed from other distributors. My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale falls into the latter category, unlike the other G5 media on Netflix, so it was released at midnight local time in each region instead of at midnight Pacific Time.

    The first 20 shorts (from "Sisters Take Flight" to "One Trick Pony") have been combined into 5 "episodes" with 4 segments each. The release date for the next batch of episodes has not been announced yet. For the time being, the majority of the shorts are still only on YouTube, and new episodes will still be released on YouTube first.

    The end credits for each group of 4 shorts are combined into one credits sequence at the end of the episode. In most other ways, the episodes are basically the same as they are on YouTube.

    The show is now available in Portuguese (Portugal) and Mandarin (China) for the first time. Some languages are not available on Netflix and remain exclusive to YouTube, those being Hungarian, Indonesian, Malay, Norwegian, Slovak, Vietnamese, Cantonese and Mandarin (Taiwan).

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