• My Little Pony: Make Your Mark Chapter 4 and It's Rumored June 2023 Release Date

    We've had a lot of people bring this one up over the past few weeks and while we usually wait for official confirmation on release dates of things, I think it's worth addressing.

    Netflix, and Hasbro at large seem to be much more open to their internal people discussing upcoming G5 content. I'm guessing they don't consider it nearly as serious since a lot of these shows are made for people that are less ravenous about release dates for major series. We aren't covering Game of Thrones or Stranger Things after all. This is why we get early images like the Tell Your Tale easter bunny shot, or early covers for the comics. They upload these assets weeks before "usual" release and don't seem to care at all that the urls are already live on the open web. 

    Anyway, the current internal rumorings from these same sources are saying that we will most likely see My Little Pony: Make Your Mark Chapter 4 some time in June. The plan is probably 6 episodes and a special.

    Of course, all of this can change on a whim. We will let you all know when the My Little Pony socials pop up a 100% set-in-stone date and time for our next Make Your Mark adventure. Hopefully this dispels the weird conspiracy that we are ignoring this stuff. At the end of the day, we usually just prefer the official announcements since these early ones are so malleable. There were many times in G4 where a season was set for one month internally but changed to another last minute.