• Get Your Tentacles Off My Waifu Now on Steam

    If you've ever wanted to battle it out with giant tentacle monsters and protect your adorable mare waifus, but are lazy like me and never bother with games that aren't on Steam, it is finally availabe on the platform for download as Early Access, with a Demo included.

    I've added a press release for it down below. You can find the page for it here!

    Press Release:

    "Get your Tentacles off my Waifu" comes to Steam!
    The hunt for tentacle monsters will start into Early Access with all 30 levels playable or you can get the free Demo, which will be updated along the main game. There will also be a tiny surprise in case you prefer to play "Get your Tentacles off my Husbando" and a first glimpse of a new and interactive dialog system.
    Head over to Steam for more information or join our Discord Server at https://discord.gg/KtZfPUJHkg