• Fanfiction: Cammie


    Author: Jarvy Jared

    Description: Chamomile isn't a train conductor. She isn't an engineer, either. She's just a widow taking care of her lonely Bridlewood tea shop and disabled son. Yet, when she receives word of a job opportunity from the newly instituted Equestrian Railroad Company, asking for ponies to extend the railroad to a forgotten realm in the Frozen North, she is intrigued. Perhaps such a place holds the key to changing her son's life for the better.
    This simple task is colored by the group she's paired with: a reserved unicorn, a gung-ho pegasus, and an earth pony no less burdened than herself. As they journey forward, she'll find they bring out sides of her long since buried, and new sides altogether—not least the earth pony, whom Chamomile finds herself growing inexplicably closer to.
    It'll be up to her how to react to this change—and what kinds of memories she wants to make.

    Additional Tags: A Mother's Journey Through Her Heart