• Storyboards And Background Information Revealed For Tell Your Tale Digital Ads

    We now have some storyboards and widescreen versions of some My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale video ads!

    The ads are respectively called "Premiere Looks", "Izzy's DIY Crafts" and "Sunny's Super Fruity Smoothie". They were shown (with a narrower aspect ratio) on Facebook and Instagram starting in May 2022, and possibly on other platforms as well.

    These were revealed on the portfolio website of Stefani Cottrill, a creative director at Media.Monks, whose role on these ads was "Creative Director, Client Management, Creative + Art Direction, Concept, Design, Production, Creative Effectiveness". Her portfolio page presents some background information about the campaign in addition to the images and videos.

    Renowned American toy company, Hasbro, has developed My Little Pony over the last 40 years into a robust landscape of products and entertainment content that stretches across multiple consumer touch points. As a newly retained client, I collaborated with cross functional partners on brand and media strategy, to ensure our creative equity, quarterly, and promotional campaigns laddered up to the larger brand marketing ecosystem—all the while leading creative and production teams, and multiple workstreams across NY, LA, MX, and BA.

    Our first campaign drove audiences to the 2D animated YouTube series, My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale, which incorporated a newly established animation style and storytelling that used a comedic lens to lean into the daily lives of the Mane 5. Our concept highlighted the fact that these modern, pre-teen ponies were deeply ingrained in the digital realm—creating fit-for-format spots that were both native to each social platform and spoofed their home—the internet! Quickly cultivating high levels of trust with our clients, they allowed us to develop this original content in-house—unprecedented and a first!

    As an additional driver to the YouTube series, we concepted, pitched, and developed the client's first DCO banner campaign running as an evergreen content. This strategic framework allowed clients to think of creative in longer terms, and maximize content for budgetary efficiencies. With a new episode dropping weekly, our campaign also refreshed—delivering against 8 concepts for a 40 week period culminated in 1600 assets.