• New "Tell Your Tale - Vol. 3" Soundtrack Album On Spotify

    Hasbro has apparently released another collection of songs from My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale. Unusually, this one is exclusively on Spotify, and it has a listed release date of February 3, even though it wasn't available until today. The album art is also noticeably faded. I'm not sure if the album was actually intended to be released in this way.

    Only one of the three songs, "Ain't Gonna Wait", has been used in an episode so far. For the other two, this album is their first appearance.

    The included songs are:

    • "Don't Lose Your Groove", performed by JJ Gerber as Hitch and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Zipp
    • "Ain't Gonna Wait", performed by Ana Sani as Izzy
    • "Opaline", performed by Athena Karkanis as Opaline

    The YouTube reupload below is included here for those who don't or can't have a Spotify account.

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