• Let Your Heart Soar! - Shiny and Cadance Day Arrives!


    My Little Pony Shining and Cadance Day Author Calpain

    It's time to break out the chocolate, the wine, and the snuggles as we celebrate another year with the royal couple themselves: Shining Armor and Cadance! For a pair that came out of nowhere during a season finale, a pair that apparently had a lot of history with Twilight we never knew of before, they sure have endured over the years and I am sure they will endure for many years to come!

    As always with our appreciation days, you can expect a number of themed posts throughout the day so make sure to keep checking back when you can for more material!

    We hope you all have fun today! Make sure to spend some time with those you love today whether they are friends, family or a special someone. The world needs more love after all.

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