• "Fart" Humor in 2023 - Was Today's Tell Your Tale Episode too Gross?

    If you grew up in the 90's, you probably ran into "fart" humor a lot in cartoons. It was all the rage on Nickelodeon. Over time though, the concept kinda fell to the wayside and it's honestly surprising to see it employed as a running gag in our pony cartoon with Sparky.

    This is the second time now that he has unleashed the bowel beast, and I'm probably not the only one that ends up surprised at how weirded out I get from it despite this literally being a staple of my own childhood's cartoons. Personally, it has me wondering why? What changed? 


    After a mental deep-dive, I've realized that fanart is probably to blame. It's that gross image that pops up in an image gallery from someone who is obviously into it, and over time I've compartmentalized it into the balloons and feet category. Stuff I just tend to avoid posting here if it even looks slightly fetishy. Seeing it pop up in the actual show is jarring to me on a subconscious level, and it looks like it happens for a lot of you too.

    Anyway, what do you all think? Is this a hit with the kids these days? Or has society moved on from this kind of humor?  Was it ruined by people using it for questionable purposes?