• Fanfiction: Too La Roo La Roo Lar (That's a Skyrish Lullaby)


    Author: Impossible Numbers

    Description:  Toola Roola is a special pony, just like everypony else. She's learned that fighting with your friends doesn't mean you have to stop being friends. It just means you should let them win sometimes, otherwise it looks suspicious.


    She didn't learn that from her parents, who have no time for her except by appointment. She didn't learn that from her best friend, who has too much time for her and spends most of it fighting anyway.


    And she especially didn't learn that from her ancestral homeland: the distant, enchanted land of Skyra, whence her oddball uncle cometh, but which - in her entire life - she has never, ever seen for herself.


    No, she learned it from a book. Princess Twilight SparkleTM's Journal of FriendshipTM, only $12.99 at your local tree-made, cloud-made, or conventionally built magical bookshop! Buy your way to a meaningfulTM, satisfyingTM relationshipTM now, whileTM stocksTM lastTM!TM

    Too La Roo La Roo Lar (That's a Skyrish Lullaby)

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