• All of the Amazing Ponies Submitted for the EQD OC Contest! And The Winners!

    Those are some good looking OC's right there. Nedemai and Confetti_Cakez draw adorable ponies.

    Sorry about the delay on this one! I've been working through the huge amount of ponies we got and slowly working through the various file types, image attachments, fonts, and super expansive bios everyone sent in to make everything is squeaky clean. I never expected to get so many ponies! I also never expected people to send 100mb PNGs. I didn't even know 100mb PNGs were a thing.

    Anyway, we already announced the winners and handed out their portraits. For everyone else that submit, this is the full gallery of all 70 or so ponies and their bios! I had to cut the likes/dislikes and other minor details since they were primarily for the artists after picking winners and were inconsistent everywhere else, so expect image, name, and bio for each horse! Hopefully you all had fun drawing your ponies. I'm sure we will have other events coming up for everyone soon.

    Now go get the ponies below!

    Autumn Breeze

    Very shy mare - especially when meeting new ponies but totally excited when encountering a rare magical creature.

    On the shorter side - easily mistook for a filly.

    Special talent: transfiguration - transforming into different magical creatures

    Emphatic - likes to literally "step into the others shoes" to better understand different critters and they life.

    Stubbornly indecisive - "can't pick you choose!"

    Daydreamer and a hopeless romantic.

    Bookworm since filly hood. Old dusty story books were her best friends for a long time.
    Often wanders into the Everfree forest to hide and "recharge" her magic battery when Ponyville gets a bit too noisy for her.

    Lightning Stripe

    Lightning is a very kind and curious young buck, and some say his level of patience is rivalled only by Fluttershy. With a mysterious past, no-pony knows for sure where exactly he came from, only that he showed up in Ponyville one day and brought his brother a few weeks later. Ever since he arrived in Ponyville in his teenage years, he’s always been curious, always asking questions and searching for clues that could help him find the answers, and when he found out he could do that for a living online and that some already did, it only snowballed from there. When he’s not making theories, he’s exercising his love for storytelling, whether that’s writing, reading, or learning 2D art and animation. He also loves nature, and often volunteers to go to the evergreen forest for those who don’t want to risk it or help around in Fluttershy’s Sweet Feather Sanctuary.

    He doesn’t talk much about his past, and no pony has yet succeeded at making him angry, but they saw that, besides his skinnier-than-average body, he’s a lot stronger than he looks, and used to help buck trees for Applejack before he got into the theory business.

    His curiosity took him many places, but as the old saying goes: curiosity killed the cat. One day, he and his brother went on a vacation by zeppelin, and were never heard from again. No-pony knows where the zeppelin was headed, but some have theorised that it wasn’t a simple vacation. Nonetheless, the siblings were deemed missing, and no one’s seen or heard of them since then. If only someone else had the curiosity to look.

    Starset Melody
    Starset is an earth pony with a purple coat, blue mane and amber eyes. His cutiemark is a music note with the round part in the shape of a star, and during winter months he wears his favourite scarf with a color that matches his eyes.

    From a young age, Starset was interested in magic. He had a unicorn friend in primary school who he pestered with questions about his ability. However, once this friend moved away, he never really connected with anypony else on the same level for a long time. During middle school he didn't have a close bond with anyone, preferring to focus on his obsession with magic. What also kept him going all those years was his intense love of music. He could - and often would - play the piano for hours on end.

    Eventually, he moved to Canterlot to study magic theory. Here he met other ponies with a passion for magic with whom he formed a strong bond. To his delight it was much easier to find other musicians in the capital than in his small village. While he never did anything professional, he became quite proficient at his beloved piano. The study was difficult without the ability to perform magic, but with a little luck, hard work and a lot of help from his friends he managed to finish school, even writing a thesis.

    This thesis spread among the magic community like wildfire, even catching the attention of Twilight Sparkle. She reached out to Starset, offering to help him find a way to wield the powerful force he was so enamored by. He was overjoyed to work with her, having admired her work for years. After years with her assistance, Starset managed to create an amulet that would allow him to cast magic without a horn.

    This ability, however, doesn't work quite the same way as horns do. Starset found that he could only get it to work if he felt intensely passionate: whether it was playing notes on his piano or conjuring an elaborate spell.

    Mallow Malt

    Mal is the proprietor of an inn/tavern in the cold north of Equestria where he serves his famous (at least among the locals) hot cocoa with marshmallows. On days where business is slow he loves curling up next to the fireplace with some cozy socks and a warm mug.

    Shredd Tone

    Shredd Tone is a bat pony guitar shredder who originally grew up living in the wilderness. Having a big heart in the ‘Open source’, believing that the more free things are the more freer we will be, his knowledge of the wild, resourcefulness makes him quite adaptable and very useful in various situations sharing his love of sharing free information with all kinds of creatures. Even after moving in with his Ponyville friends and their way of living at a young age, he still finds ways to survive nearly everything from financial hardships, lack of food and being able to build some make shift products alternatives (whether it be tools, or home made health products (I.e shampoos, body wash), through creative thinking and experimentation.

    Despite adapting quite well into civilisation, he can sometimes be awkward and intimidating to the modern pony, especially with his LOUD music, protective nature as well as his ‘Wild Stallion’ upbringing, however never intends any harm; even with his lack of knowledge of ‘Law & Order’ and ‘social rankings’ however still willing to struggle through learning it all; he’s just not good in this area. Even as one may say, a jack of all trades, he isn’t really that well motivated which tends to get in the way of his progress in his music and has a hard time keeping up with his plans, projects and objectives while his sleeping schedule is all over the place. Spending most of his bat times during the night time.

    Although attracted and able to confront ‘dark themes’ such as bad times in history, horror stories, black apparell and observing social issues, he does in fact try to look at all of the positives in life and faces challenges at times; he’s just not easy to scare. Despite this, some ponies may tend to judge him as such.

    He may not be the most social of ponies all of the time, he does like to spend quality time with his friends of all kinds. He especially has a fondness and the appeal of mares, in which he shows great respect and admiration for, but also not one to rush things or build high expectations in those relationships; he just appreciated spending quality time with them. Though, he has trouble deciding who to settle with exactly.

    Shredd Tone being straight also respects those of different gender types, but he is known to blush furiously when other stallions tries to flirt with him and will deny being gay at all costs (some may think that he is gay but refuses to accept it (although those are just rumours...so they say)).

    Shredd Tone is a natural on the guitar, helping creatures of all kinds be motivated while reliving any of their negative issues and turning them into positive uses for all kinds of creatures to enjoy….as long as they are able to adsorb his aggressive riffs, solos and screaming high pitched guttering vocals (bat ponies know how to Squeee). He is especially popular with the dragons for some reason.

    He could potentially be an exceptional guitarist or musician, if he ever is able to be more strongly focused on developing his talents, but he can easily be distracted and way too focused trying to multi-task everything at once.

    All in all, he really is a good bright little pony with a big heart and a wild imagination.

    Jet Raise
    A Wonderbolt member. He is also a physics teacher. When he saw a magic bottle
    and touched it, he became a genie. His height is similar to FlimFlam Bros. The Wonderbolt-
    mates are kind to him. Most of his students likes Jet because he is good at explaining the
    problem solving.

    Broadside Barb
    Broadside Barb is the pen name of Coriander Sprig, and she’s always had a sharp edge to her (hence the thistle for her cutie mark). Born in Appleloosa, she was bored by the lack of opportunity in the sometimes stubborn and narrow-minded desert town that didn’t always appreciate her critical wit. She moved to Manehattan and quickly found a job at the Manehattan Herald, and her investigative journalism exposing, among other things, a conspiracy between Bridleway theatre owners and theatre critics in making and breaking shows, and the city government in failing to properly investigate police abuses, has won her acclaim. She was (and still is) not even afraid to criticize the royals, and while she is sure to do very careful research, her direct and sometimes sarcastic style has lead to quite a few “reprimands.” These days, however, she freelances at various small-town newspapers, writes satirical fiction, and plays piano at local salt lick saloons. In doing so she has come to terms somewhat with her rural roots. She is still single, but has no plans for now in finding a significant other, valuing her independence above all else.

    Wintertide Frost
    A kirin who was banished from her village long before the Vow of Silence was taken. Wintertide Frost believed the kirin should have never hid their nirik forms and should have embraced them instead. She wanted her kind to come out of hiding and show Equestria what they could really do. A proposition that was considered too dangerous by Rain Shine and the rest of her village. After spending a long time on her own, she finally ventures off to explore Equestria on her own.

    Her journey eventually led her to a Canterlot that was under the control of the Storm King after he successfully stopped the Mane Six and their new friends. When she’s captured, she demonstrates her nirik side to him as a sign of strength and they forge a partnership. In exchange for getting revenge on her former home, the king also got himself some new slaves and potential soldiers to add to his army. She later designates herself as a self-proclaimed queen in Canterlot and assists in the Storm King’s plans while keeping her guard up and finding further ways to prove her usefulness so she doesn’t end up like his former commander, Tempest Shadow.

    Wintertide is a rather cold-hearted mare, who looks out for herself more than anyone else. She deals in whatever works within her best interest. While not a true queen to the Storm King, she carries herself as if she wears the crown on her head and controls the ponies and even Storm Creatures with an iron hoof. Even if she swears loyalty to him, however, she wouldn’t hesitate to betray him or anycreature else if there was a better offer for her. The only exceptions to this rule are when she eventually bears the king two children, a prince and a princess, and when her path eventually leads her to encounter the legendary Grogar after the Storm King’s inevitable defeat by the hooves of Captain Shining Armor and his army.

    Crimson Nova
    The younger of two siblings, Crimson Nova is a fairly no-nonsense pegasus who grew up immersed in the propaganda and teaching of Daybreaker's solar cult in the Solar Empire. At an early age, she was accepted into the ecclesiastical branch (in contrast to the Inquisition), and now serves Daybreaker with her other priestesses in carrying out sermons, performances, and other acts of worship to the alicorn.

    As living conditions in the Solar Empire worsened, she and her brother Foresight Amor became roommates, although they rarely see each other because of Foresight's duties as a guard in Canterlot Castle. When they do manage to see each other, she frequently has something to critique about his lackadaisical demeanor when he should be taking his position in the Guard more seriously. This in turn is reciprocated through his own teasing and occasional surprises he leaves behind for her.

    When she is not serving in the temples, she can either be caught tidying the shared apartment, practicing her music, or exercising through some cloud obstacle courses. Occasionally she may entertain some of the other priestesses when they are all not on duty, although the Solar Empire makes it difficult to do.

    The rumor has it, Packrat isn't her actual name. She's gone by the name Packrat longer than Rara has been The Countess. Little is actually known about her past. We know that she was born and raised on the island of Manehattan.

    Packrat knows just about every dark and scary alleyway from the Bowery to Saint Marks. That being said, she knows just about every bank along the way. Long story short, she's trouble. Maybe it was school, maybe it was personal. All we know is, something has her on edge. Quite literally. She's got enough sharp objects to carve ten turkeys in a second!

    When she's on her best behavior, she hangs out at a junkyard on the outskirts of town. Evidence suggests that she lives there.

    She has a terrible problem when it comes to hoarding objects of little to no use. She likes collecting junk, and turning piles of scrap into wonderful works of art. Trash Sculpting. Not exactly sanitary, or safe. But it's the only thing that keeps her at bay.

    She has a little group she likes to call her gang. But other than that, she doesn't play well with others. She's got a short fuse. So a little word to the wise, don't try and crack jokes by calling her a racoon. No matter how tempting it may be.

    Packrat is slick, and has style. She's silent, and has an attitude worse than an agitated substitute teacher. So if you're ever in town, watch your back.

    Summer Sunrise
    Summer Sunrise was born many years after the kirin regained their voices. Because of this, she had to learn how to control her nirik side. After this, she indulged in her passion for learning new things. This led her to discover two new passions: singing and storytelling. Now she travels across Equestria to share the songs and stories she's learned, and to find new ones.

    This is my first ever OC pony that I created and largely represents me. Unfortunately, he does not have any colour because I do not have colouring pencils with me at the moment, but he still looks cool. He should be bright yellowy-orange with a white-grey mane and tail and purple eyes.

    His cutie mark is a set of arrows pointing up, down, left and right to show my love for rhythm-based video games. The arrows are actually the exact arrows from my custom osu! mania texture pack.

    He has pale brown spots running along his back, similar in colour to what you’d find on a giraffe as giraffes are my favourite animal.

    He is also an avid rock climber and, while in the drawing he does not have them, he has some grippy horseshoes to help scale the rocks!

    While a little mischievous, Jamming is outgoing and determined and will face any challenge he is put up to. Of course, he loves to face challenges with his friend, Coin, my other OC who is a bat pony! Together they make an excellent duo.

    Jamming also has history with snakes. When he was just a little colt, he was snuck up on by a snake. Luckily Coin was there to save the day, although Jamming still backs away whenever he sees one.

    Sketchpad a unicorn with Austim he has great parents he loves them alot he spends his time mostly indoors ether playing retro video games and he loves to draw reading comic books and coming up with creative ideas and hopefully can make a comic book series even though he is alone mostly but he is not always alone he has friends who does love hanging out with him even though he loves staying indoors he never turns down invite to hang out with his friends

    Sketchpad is a special unicorn in the world of Perpetia who has Art magic instead of Unicorn magic. he can create things to reality with his magic he loves video games reading comic books and coming up with a comic book series. but due to him being different and doesn't have unicorn magic he got bullied alot. he is very sensitive and would get sad shy or scared and while other unicorns believe all other creatures are bad or worse evil Sketchpad doesn't believe that they are and wants to meet and friend other creatures. a day before Sketchpad 13th birthday him and his mom go to a mask festival with a custom Fox mask with unicorn horn and during a mask festival a human invasion happen and they landed on Sketchpad home land. so all other creatures that were at festival stay behind Sketchpad mom goes to where all the unicorn were at and since he doesn't know anyone he follows his mom. but they were both capture but unexpectedly Sketchpad escapes from the humans who is still wearing his custom mask as he trots back to mask festival location. just when he was about to get capture since some robot ponies were following him he use his art magic and destroy the robot unicorn. all the teens and kids who are all different creatures and they think that him and other creatures would be perfect for a freedom fighters group against the humans. ( I will come up with more ideas and make it more better )

    Flutters is a simple pony living in Ponyville. She likes to help her family and friends, no matter what type of help anypony needs. Even though she is a unicorn, she likes to do things by hoof, but because she is a bit clumsy, and doesn't really care about safety, she usually gets hurts in more demanding tasks. Because of this, she usually has bandages around her front legs.

    Shifting Gear
    Shifting Gear (Shift or Shiftie) was born in an outskirt of canterlot. when he was a filly he loved tinkering and, much to his mother's chagrin, also to take things apart. When his mother left for work, she locked everything mechanical or technical away or protected everything with a shielding spell, else it would be in all its pieces when she came back home. Due to his efforts in breaking those spells and disassemble everything into its smallest pieces he got quite good in using his magic but was still not able to find his special talent. One day he visited his father who lived in ponyville as he and his dad wandered past some sort of locomotion but without any tracks. Shift was so fascinated of that so called Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 that he tried to come up with such a thing on his own, but he failed. He lost interest in finding his special talent until his father told him years later about the Ponyville applewood derby in which each foal build his cart and races against others.

    He was SO into it that he travelled to ponyville at instant.
    His father, a strong craftsman Earthpony, helped him building Shifties dream cart and preparing it for the race. The cart looked quite different from the Speedy Cider Squeezy locomotive design. It was a deep and flat vehicle. Four equally sized wheels which where covered from its body. It got no roof to make it lighter and shift the centre of gravity lower so it could go faster through corners. It got four lamp on the front. Two on each side to see better even when its dark. It looked like a sports cart but still had some sort of nostalgic to it. It was exactly what Shiftie dreamed about.

    As the race started it was clear, his planes paid off. He was not the fastest one on the race but did pretty well on the second place for his first time taking part. He was so concentrated and focused while riding his cart that he hadn’t noticed a major happening in his cart … his cutie mark. A Wheel spinning and producing smoke / A wheel doing a burnout.

    Since then he knew what to do with his life. Engineering and building things which go fast for everypony!

    Today , many years later, shift managed to get his engineering degree in canterlot done. He still has a lot of fun tinkering and building stuff. His life is better than he had ever dreamed of as a filly what did not know if he can do anything at all.

    Vanessa Magnifier
    Vanessa is a unicorn that was born and still lives in Canterlot. She had trouble finding her cutiemark.
    Someday there was a theft in her school and Vanessa found the culprit. Everyone was so proud of her
    and she was so happy she finally got her cutiemark: a magnifier. From this day on she was known as
    Vanessa Magnifier. She founded her own investigation firm in Canterlot and became known in Canterlot
    and beyond. She helped a secret agency from Princess Celestia herself, but lost contact to every agent
    after the downfall of the agency. A certain pony from Ponyville named Bon Bon reminds her of one agent.
    She lives in a house with her best friend Labhraín, who helps Vanessa sometimes in her investigations, if
    it's not too dangerous of course. She learned some pretty tough and top secret spells that aid her in her
    investigations. She loves to find out secrets, but can keep them for herself. She gets angry pretty fast
    when someone hurts her loved ones. She loves to be stylish and keeps cool, but she can be be a bit
    derp too.

    Bean Counter
    He had a lonely childhood in Cloudsdale. He got his cutie mark early, and his talent is assessing what value other Ponies put on various things, which he was over-eager to do. He bugged potential playmates by constantly talking about their toys and possessions and what they seemed to be worth. His father, "Big" Deal Maker, was an important business stallion in a big corporation. Big Deal was colleagues with Roseluck's father, and Bean Counter and Roseluck met when his father dropped him off at Roseluck's house while the two fathers went off to a conference. Bean Counter and Roseluck were young teens at the time, and they hit it off well because both felt like outcasts. Roseluck was very, very late in getting her cutie mark. They hit it off so well, that both had their first kiss that day, and Roseluck got her cutie mark during the kiss. This led to some serious questions about what her cutie mark meant. When the fathers returned, Big Deal accused Roseluck's parents of plotting to marry their daughter into his family and forbade his son from hanging out with her anymore.

    Malachite Root
    The world needs more (mad) scientist Kirin.
    When the Kirin opened up to the rest of Equestria, Malachite Root, like others, was drawn to the bigger world and its vast cultures. However, no matter where, one thing remained the same; not everyone who wants can enjoy the convenience of magic. This realization let him to his calling, to leave a mark on Equestria by pursuing the ability to let everyone use magic.
    Luckily the products of alchemy seemed to be a common and accessible source of magic-like abilities for everyone. So far, the only things standing in the way of success are time and clumsiness, nothing a good bit of persistence can’t solve. That, and a lot of tea.

    Emerald Heart
    Emerald Heart was a unicorn, born in the middle-class neighborhoods of Canterlot. She was the daughter of Brush-Stroke, a unicorn pony with a talent for fine art and painting, and Bright Blossom, a unicorn pony who had a talent for biology, mainly focused on the flora of Equestria.

    Her mother died on an expedition when she was a filly, so her father raised her all by himself. She only had three emeralds given to her by her mother from one of her journeys and she could only find consort in the biology and science books that her mother left back at home, always accompanied by her father reading alongside her, as he was researching for his paintings and art.

    In her late filly years, she would meet another yellow unicorn by the name of Flammy Valeria, who was a more extrovert and assertive filly. Despite that, they would develop a bond of sisterhood, to the point that because her parents couldn’t provide a proper life for her, Flammy would eventually be adopted by Brush-stroke and become Emerald’s step sister.

    Eventually, she would learn about precious stones and jewels in geology in class, and thanks to her father’s old friend, she would take lessons from a goldsmith in basic jewelry crafting. In addition, her friends would also teach her about fashion, but she would focus mainly on jewelry rather than clothing. Thanks to her friendships being extroverted as well as her step sister, she developed a benevolent nature and was timid, despite having a social circle of Friends. However, she always had a hard time with bullies and conflict, for she was not in favor of getting in trouble. Thanks to that, and also her height, she was seen as a gentle girl by her peers.

    During her mid teenage years, there was a Jewelry fashion competition hosted in Canterlot, and any goldsmith and crafter could join the contest, by providing a unique design of their own. Emerald worked hard, researching and studying extra focused on her project. She didn’t make a bracelet or a horn ring… She crafted a collar instead, using mostly gold and platinum, but she needed some jewels to make it appealing, so she used her mother’s emeralds that she gave her.

    Before the competition started, Emerald met a family of ponies among the crowd looking for help as she was going to place her collar on display. They were homeless and couldn’t afford even a temporary shelter or food. Despite her father telling her to wait after the contest, she didn’t hesitate to help the family in need.

    She gave them the collar and told them to sell it, for it would be enough to help them find a good home and buy food. The scene was witnessed by the judges, who didn’t bat an eye on her deed, but it also caught the attention of Princess Celestia and Princess Cadence, who were also juries in the contest… Celestia managed to see the act as she was getting off of the chariot, and asked one of her guards to investigate.

    When the winners were announced, the Princesses declared that Emerald Heart won the first place not by her work, but for her selfless deed to aid some ponies in need. They were taken to Celestia’s castle to get help and Emerald’s collar was returned to her alongside the first prize. In that very moment, her cutie mark appeared: A heart-shaped emerald with a blue ribbon, for her talent with jewels and her noble spirit. She was a role model and her family was very proud of her.

    Anima Mea
    Mea is the goddess of souls, and the main deity of a group of nomadic ponies called "The Shadow Arks", her function as a goddess is to save worthy souls so that when "that alicorn" comes, the chosen souls can be reborn in a "new dawn" of the universe, being she the judge who will decide who will be saved and who will not.

    A pegasus who lives on the outskirts of your home, video games and being with his friends, he really likes music, he plays the guitar , I'm not a good musician but i loves to play guitar

    Coral Cloudbloom
    Coral is an independent pegasus that lives alone and likes to spend her free time exploring each corner of Equestria, she does not care what others think of her and is not afraid to say what she thinks, despite all this she always tries to be polite and humble. She lives alone and doesn't care much about being alone, she also tries to use her full potential as a pegasus after Equestria receiving magic back

    Pencil Pouch
    Pencil Pouch possesses talent for painting, drawing, and crafting her own materials using scraps or things in nature, such as sticks. She works on commission and draws and paints all kinds of things for all kinds of ponies, making her art career quite eventful and full of variety. However, she enjoys making thoughtful gifts for her friends more than anything.

    DARINI Alter Reality
    Darini is a 9-year-old filly, she lives in the everfree forest in a tree house that she made herself, she doesn't have any relatives or friends since she is usually very far from ponyville, but she usually goes to get food or objects for her home or for entertainment, she has a fox mask that she has been wearing since it was given to her and she never takes it off for anything in the world, she is quite hyperactive but very brave since she is not afraid of the biggest challenges or the most dangerous creatures , and is usually very risky in search of new adventures, her biggest dream is to find her destiny and become a heroine Pony, she has a large spot that covers half of her arms, neck and waist and on her back she has a birthmark Gray color in the shape of "D"

    Tersist Wint ("Terry"/"Wintie" to her friends)
    Her coat color is sandspit brown, her mane & tail are dark brownish gray (like Raven Inkwell) & dark graysh brown (for fine line color), her eyes are dark grayish tangelo (like Pound Cake).

    Her Cutie Mark color is purple heart (see U.S. military decoration), it represents empathy, her talent.

    Owns and controls a rainbow scarf/bandana wich can store, absorb and cast purple lighting bolts (it's a magical artifact inherited and passed down from generation to generation). It can also glow in the dark.
    She works at the weather factory in Cloudsdale, mainly when there are storms and thunderstorms, to help (thanks to her scarf) monitor and keep under control the thunderbolts: basically a lighting rod, she doesn't get hurt in any way when the contact happens. But maaaaaybe.... she could learn to use magic (meaning, more similar to unicorn magic) thanks to it(?)

    Rusty Gear

    Rusty Gear is a star pony; like earth ponies, they do not have any active magical powers. However, each star pony is born with a star-shaped birthmark somewhere on their bodies, and on occasion, they are known to awaken a mysterious connection with the cosmos. Rusty serves as a state engineer in the technologically-advanced star pony kingdom of Terra Firma, in a land far away from the peaceful Equestria we know called Crater Wishes. For 20 years, the unicorn tyrant Diamond Reign has commanded her army to spread a terrible curse throughout Crater Wishes in order to drain all the magic from the land for herself in her quest to become an alicorn. To stop her invasion, Rusty Gear and a group of Terra Firma’s best scientists created the Alicorn Gear, a magical suit of armor powered by an ancient artifact. Together with her friends Steep Dive, a daring pegasus filly, and Crystal Reign, the exiled unicorn princess, Rusty hopes she can end the war with Diamond Reign once and for all. But although the Alicorn Gear is a formidable weapon, Rusty wonders whether she, or any mortal pony, should truly be allowed to wield such power.

    Ozzard Sunlight
    Ozzard Sunlight (Ozzie to his friends) is a unicorn with a good intelligence that his father inherited, he is an expert in all science, art and magic. When he was a foal, his parents died, to the misfortune and dishonor of the unicorns because they did not believe that magic could be combined with science, he swore that he would never abandon his parents' studies and research. He is in love with a unicorn named Izzy Moonbow, only she doesn't know it because she thinks she's going to reject him just because the other unicorns see him as a weirdo, but we just must hope he has the guts to declare his love for her and that she accepts him. He communicates with animals, especially with otters and he is a linguist and translator of any language, especially animals, including dragons. He can also understand sign language in case a pony is mute. He has a pet otter, his name is Donnie. He found him when he was cub, he took care of him and raised him as if he were his own son, now Donnie never leaves him because he sees him as his dad. He is an expert in technology, therefore he can hack all kinds of systems, such as the security system, unlock accounts, know passwords, etc. He can create a piece of art that can surpass other ponies, he once created a drawing of a field of roses in the rain that won first place because the image was as lifelike as a window. Once he invented a watch that could travel to other dimensions, maybe he could know that there are other universes besides his own or maybe visit them but it's better not to show it to anypony because traveling through dimensions could be dangerous like getting stuck in a black hole or interdimensional destruction. He is a good detective, he can solve all kinds of cases, easy or difficult. He likes to cook, once he made the most delicious spaghetti that he would present later in the cooking contest, obviously he won first place and then he cooked a delicious vanilla pie that everypony found him, now he earned the respect of the other ponies.

    Fizzy Sprinkles
    They were once a Decepticon Energon Miner, on Cybertron. One day that would change. they would be ordered to transport Energon back to Cybertron. Once they stepped through the spacebridge, the spacebridge malfunctioned, sending them to another universe, that being the (M.L.P. G4 universe). Crash landing in the Everfree Forest, a few moons before Luna's banishment, they remained in stasis only to awaken soon after Luna's banishment. They scanned a local lifeform (pony) and have been there enjoying life.

    Heart Painter
    Heart Painter is a unicorn who lives in Ponyville and wanted to try to create pictures.  She experimented with crayons and colored pencils before turning to paint, which is more elaborate.  She was able to create elaborate pictures with practice and earned her cutie mark this way.  She then decided to try to teach other foals, colts, and fillies how to make art and pictures with paint.

    She likes kids and watching them grow up.  She thinks that teaching art to them allows them to see the world from a bigger standpoint.

    She lives in a white, pink, and purple house with hearts as decoration.  Part of her house is a classroom for teaching art, and part of it is her personal art studio.

    Her most well known quote is: "Anyone can be creative."

    Lilac Melody

    Lilac Melody hasn’t got many friends [has none], and is often interacting with nature. She hopes to find out who she is in this simple world! That’s not who she really is… Speaking of which, in her spare time she makes stuff to pass the time. Living by herself in her little hut! Wait… who was I talking to? Right, right, self introductions are always a hassle, that’s why I haven’t found a job yet! She wants to show every pony that she is good and wants to make others happy. …Ah ahah.

    “A sight for sore eyes.”

    Lilac has always had trouble finding those close around her liking her to the same degree. She often wonders if a pony can be TOO MUCH full of love, and has to bring it down a notch.

    After a chance thought, realising it’s not about suppressing yourself to be liked by others, that she should be her own pony. With desires and wants, happiness becomes her go to.

    Keeping it secret has been tough.

    Not many know about her.

    She has Kirin ancestry in her body.

    She doesn’t necessarily get angry, or mad. But when she changes form, she is not who she made herself out to be!

    A daydreamer. She has come a long way from Ponyville, having been brought by the melody of the wind. She now resides by her lonesome in a love nest with her pet chicken, Nova.

    Quote from her:


    I am Lilac Melody (other me is Violet Sky [she has a mind of her own]…) and I just want to-*hugs* say hi again!”

    Unicorn Lilac isn’t just like every pony, she feels, as she’s met some special ponies in her life. Including her mother! Very grateful towards her filly years, she’s now seeking to gain a career of heartfelt times. She loves reading books but admits she hasn’t been reading much of lately. Now living in a poisonous swamp area, her spare times are spent making things to pass the time. Not so fun for her, she’s learning to explore her nooks so she may learn how to breathe in the poisonous mist around her.

    Even though it’s dangerous, going off on your own in an unknown world. She must do it as the key that belies her heart of unlocked potential is out there. Controlling her inner self has never been so indignant in terms of having importance. She just wanted to show ponies she wants to be helpful, find meaning to everything, and just be a spotter of support.

    She wants to show ponies what it means to be happy and helpful.

    As a filly she was an excitable fluff ball that isn’t faulty to a T. Naive maybe, but it never stopped the good times from spinning. To her, it’s important to make a change. That her goal in Equestria is to help everything. She learned in her journey, her learning is teaching.

    Now grown, she sets off to find what it really means to be a good pony, and how to make others happy.


    Psycho used to be a foalsitter during a time when the princesses were still just that: Foals. He was reluctantly chosen among three by the Council in then-Canterlot, since he was the only one available, to teach them to behave as the princesses were disrespectful and destroying everything in the castle. The reluctance came from Psycho's reputation of teaching his protégés pranks after he found them to be well-behaved. The two sisters eventually came to like Psycho, but a prank of his gone wrong causes Psycho to be ejected from the Castle by the captain of the Council's Militia. Wandering in despair as the princesses were not treated well by said captain, he's approached by a strange figure, allowing him to become the Herald of the Illogic he is today. He goes on an unintended rampage through Canterlot on a gigantic, mechanical spider with the intention of saving the princesses.

    The stallion is briefly distracted by Luna looking at him from behind a building allowing one of the pegasi to finally knock Psycho's tophat off and incapacitate him. He was eventually imprisoned deep, deep in Canterlot's dungeons where he remained until his powers of Illogic eventually started bleeding out into the world again. Twilight was brought in to try and reform him, but Psycho was not inherently evil. He was not chaos. He eventually tricked Twilight into freeing him, upon which he caused mischief in Equestria. However, unlike Discord, his pranks were never intended to harm anypony, and most come out of the ordeals with no more than a scratch or a small bruise.

          Being a herald of the Illogic, he is actually the one closest to the core concept of the World of Illogic and thus usually is the one seen when recruiting new members for it. His powers make no sense, even for chaos users like Discord, which helps with the stallion's creed against chaos. Reality warping and having erratic emotional reactions to everything around him makes him a headache to deal with when he just wants to talk and have fun. Being a former foalsitter, it isn't uncommon to see him still occasionally attempting to teach them right from wrong, and he has yet to use his powers of pranking on them outside of a light effort to punish them for wrongdoing, such as for bullying others.

          He still carries a deep love for Celestia and Luna which he affectionately calls 'Tia-Tia' and 'Woona', although his behavior around them makes the princesses believe he still somehow perceives them as the tiny foals they were over a thousand years ago as attested to his vitriolic reaction to Chrysalis harming them. It seems the Illogic couldn't 'fix' everything about the stallion.

    Grayzend S.C (Slice of Chaos)
    Well like all the common ponies all there i was born in the country size and was left with my gradma and grandpha, not because i was bad pony or a sad past, but mostly because my family in the time could't stay in one place so i grew with them, i have no grudge about that, i love them, my grandpah was a shoe cleaner and my grandmah was a teacher in the local school, i stood and lern alot till my 15 year, lot of stuff happen, but non of the local kids did interest me with their fun, i was felt out of place but i was happy in that time, when i got to my 18, i went to the local army to pay for my livings, i tried my best there, grew a beard that got my self atached, and after a long time of serch i found my cute mark, (it took long cus when i was filly i didn't do much except thinking of my future)  i was fixing some old things in the army when it poped, a strange thing that still got me thinking, "something was still missing" well time past, (6 years) i got home, and i know i  was gona meet at lest my grandma a live, and that my grandpah passed away, well i know that wasent i place for me to stay, took me some time to decide, so i moved away to the closest city, where ponies ware allways happy, and for some reasont hat made me angry, i saw discrimination and a lot of chaos, well i felt  for some reason i should stay there, that chaos was where i should be, i did a lot of crazy things and stupid things, even living in a garage and eating trash, breaking my teeth and breaking my face on stuff, allways looking for that "non-friendly" actions,  where people worshiped the friendship...when that isint soo magic. but  i lerned a lot and know that the missing peace would never be completly, that telling the full history would be so long. as long the chaos is in the air i will be around and the fun will be there and i will be there to fellow pony.

    Sour Gummy
    Sour Gummy grew up in Vanhoover, helping with her parents' chocolate shop since a young age. After she earned her cutie mark trying out making sugar candies instead on a whim, she quickly took to making treats for the shop other than chocolates. However, as she grew into an adult, she felt she needed more room to grow and a shop mostly dedicated to chocolatiers didn't leave her much space. After hearing about a friend's plans to move to Canterlot to study magic, she decided to hitch a ride on the train with her on a whim in hopes they would be able to help each other make it on their own, not knowing what they had waiting for them.

    Upon arriving, she did her best to find a way to use her talents to make money to keep herself afloat and despite all odds eventually found a candy shop that would take her on as a new candy maker. She often took criticism from the nobles around her for her accent, but refused to change herself. However, her shy nature kept her from outwardly pushing against them, so she instead took to using lollipops as an excuse to not have to speak and always keeps a store of them with her so she can almost always have one in her mouth. Despite the shallow criticisms, however, she managed to become successful enough to keep her portion of expenses for the home she shared with her friend more than paid for. Eventually, she was able to spread away from the shop that had hired her and start her own on the other side of the city, closer to home.

    Bramley was born in the Fallout Equestria story setting. Long after the war, she was born into Stable 93 of Baltimare and works as a radio operator. As her name suggests she is a far relative of the Apple family and has a sister named Pippin. She works in coordinating other ponies to and from the Stable in order to track where they are and in times of need, send help to them. Her eyes were originally brown, but after being exposed to dangerous elements turned purple.

    Golden Dawn
    She was born to rule. At least, that is what the voices had always told her….

    Golden Dawn was the scion of one of the oldest and most distinguished noble families in all of Equestria, with a documented lineage going back nearly a thousand years. But family legend traced it even further, back to the halcyon days of the vanished Crystal Empire. A forgotten child of Princess Amore had begun her line and the sacred blood of royalty still ran through their veins. Such a glorious origin surely betokened an equally glorious destiny. The family’s political and economic fortunes were in decline; she would be the one to restore them. Perhaps she would even sit upon Equestria’s throne someday. These would have been idle fancies in any other pony—any lesser pony—but Golden Dawn knew that, for her, it was prophecy. It was, after all, only what she deserved. What she was entitled to. What she had been born to.

    But that’s the thing about being born to something. You don’t get to choose that birthright. Golden Dawn soon learned this the hard way. Since Princess Amore had been a unicorn, the family had always believed that it would take another gifted unicorn to bring back their long-lost dignity. But Golden Dawn was a pegasus. No pegasus would ever ascend to the ranks of royalty, they told her, no pegasus would ever be Amore’s heir. No pegasus, they said, was ever born to rule.

    That’s when the voices started. They were ancient voices; they spoke of the Crystal Empire in days of old. They spoke of Princess Amore. And they spoke of her, Golden Dawn, of her noble birth and high estate. They comforted her and promised that her destiny would yet be fulfilled. As they hovered around her head, they whispered a prophecy. Someday, the Crystal Empire would return. And on that day, one born a pegasus would sit upon its throne and rule.     

    Golden Dawn found that the more she lent her ear to the voices, the stronger they became. She even began to hear the voice of Princess Amore herself. The Princess promised that she would someday return, that she would vanquish the false princesses, and that Golden Dawn would forever rule Equestria by her side.

    And so Golden Dawn waited. As she waited, she used her strange gift to make a name for herself as a clairvoyant and medium, a reader of tarot cards and tea leaves. It was, admittedly, a step down for one of noble birth, but it had its advantages. The rich and powerful sought her out and they learned to live and die by her word. She developed a secret following in high places, one that would prove useful someday.

    And then, it happened. The Crystal Empire returned. A princess sat once more upon its throne, an alicorn princess who had been born a pegasus. But it was not Golden Dawn. No, it was that periwinkle pretender, may Amore curse her name! Another pony, a lesser pony, would have given up in despair. But Golden Dawn was not a lesser pony. She knew that the time of fulfillment would soon be at hand. Perhaps it just needed a helping hoof to get started. That was something Golden Dawn was more than ready to provide. She had, after all, been born to rule.

    As Golden Dawn watched the sun disappear beyond the western horizon, a smile crossed her face. “Here the sun sets forever on the day of princesses,” she said to herself. “Here dawns the golden age.”    

    AC the Animator
    AC is a responsible and optimistic unicorn with big dreams who cares for others
    first and wants to help those in need. AC cares deeply about those who have been less
    fortunate in life, and like knows what it's to have nothing, so he does all they can to help
    those in similar situations.
    AC knows the value of mental health, as he has felt the struggle of having a poor
    mental health in the past. He wants to make 3D animation as something to help others
    who are struggling through making them laugh, or help to provide a better
    understanding of mental health for those who may not fully understand it yet. AC works
    hard to give others a positive attitude, and wants to help them through tough times, or
    just help them be happier in general.
    AC knows that when he has a hard time getting back up from his down periods
    from heartbreak, he needs to take some time to focus on himself, so instead of dwelling
    on the negativity, he try to put a focus on the good things in his life, and remind himself
    of everything they have achieved, and that is possible. He take this time to try to relax
    with some of his favorite things, whether it's a favorite show, playing a game, or talking
    with friends, so by the end of the day, he can remind themselves that he are loved and
    cared for.

    AC has always been interested in 3D animation since he was a young filly, as he
    always admired the ability to bring characters and worlds to life. He was one to spend
    his time daydreaming, and creating new worlds and characters in his mind. When he
    found out about how animation could bring his ideas to life, he was instantly hooked,
    and knew that this was what he wanted to do. Creating an animation that makes the
    viewer feel something is one of the greatest joys AC gets to feel from his work.
    AC dislikes drama because it causes unnecessary tension and stress. He prefers
    a happy, calm, and relaxed environment where he can focus on his work. He also has a
    fear of spiders and mice, as he is easily startled by their quick movements, and their
    unpredictable nature makes him feel unsafe.
    AC is a long living pony, who has had the opportunity to continue creating amazing 3D
    animation for years. His work has been loved by many, and he has inspired others to
    continue to do what they love, even through difficult times. His kind and helpful nature is
    what others remember the most about him, as he never hesitated to lend a hand, or to
    listen to someone who may need a shoulder to cry on.

    Spotted Turtle
    Originally from Butterfly Island, then moved to Canterlot and lived there for a short time then moved again, this time to a little home on the outskirts of Ponyville. She makes and sells jewelry out of her two-story home. She met and befriended a young alicorn mare, named MedicineArrow and taught her how to fly, she adopted a timid Pegasus filly, named Whimsy Mane all while raising her neices, Jay Feather and Green Hazel. She likes visiting her friends living deep within the Everfree Forest in a little village called Kara-Nah.

    Sprocket is a Pegasus who lives in ponyvile and runs a cafe their best friends with derpy their dream is to have a cafe chain all through out equestria.she has mixed feelings on how twilight will be princess.their cutie mark is a gear cause their family owns a clock repair shop but they didn’t want that to be their future to be working there so they picked up what things they had in cloudsdale and moved to ponyvile where no pony has heard of them and have a fresh start they took over a cafe some other pony and made it their own they love to see ponies enjoy what they serve at their cafe and enjoy it with their friends/family/and their special some pony. Their cafe consists of tea,deserts and coffee where any pony can work or just enjoy themselves

    Vesper Vanguard
    Vesper Vanguard is a naturally born Alicorn who doesn’t know her parents. She was left to a small town in the middle of the Everfree Forest, and raised among them. Her pelt is a dusky, dull violet shade. Her eyes are a vibrant orange shade, and her mane and tail are a dark indigo with a pale white streak through them both. Her wings, horn and legs are just a little too big for her, and she is a careful, cautious pony. Her Cutie Mark is a vibrant star with teal and pink magical trails, the star having the same shape as the center of the Venus planetary rotation geometric design. Small pinpoints of starlight flicker in the dark strands of her mane and tail, and her namesake shows through with her starry countenance and sweet voice. Vesper represents the North Star, the guiding point for any traveler. It is also a gentle prayer spoken softly at dusk or dawn. Vanguard is a defender, a shield. Her role in any position is to be a guide and guardian for the ponies around her. She would love nothing more than to be that guiding light, safeguarding her friends and companions. She is a shy mare, unsure of her place in the world and unaware of what true dangers await her outside of her village. Curiosity pushes her forward in many instances, her unawareness of the world outside her small little town making her marvel and wonder at the uniqueness of the world and ponies around her.

    Plush Trap

    Plush began as the middle child of 5 and, being the middle child, often found herself hungry for attention. This in turn created her friendship circle of plushies and fuelled her addiction for collecting.. everything. Like a magpie, Plush attaches herself to all things shiny and unique, often hiding them under her bed for safe keeping and then acting oblivious to her neighbours. Plush can often be found sporting a variety of stickers, with them often attached to her cheeks or ears and is never without her smiley face for it reminds her to smile even in the darkest of times. 

    Bottomcrumbs Bale
    Bottomcrumbs Bale lives near the top of the mountain where Canterlot is located, in a library built by his family of Pegasus and unicorns. Since he was a pony, the idea that magic was limitless and amazing was injected into his mind, and also the idea that unicorns were the best kind of ponies. He wanted magic, not wings, he wanted to be able to enter other people’s dreams or levitate things or be as powerful as the queen sisters, not control the weather.

    He trained all his life, reading every book in the biggest magic bookstores, trying to learn every spell, even getting a crystal horn implanted (it was a weird experience… and a bit painful). He never asked Princess Twilight for help, because he knew that she was going to advise him to appreciate his wings and accept his virtues, but he wasn’t going to give up so easily.                                                

    Luna has tried to help him a thousand times with his nightmares of not being a unicorn (a thousand times she failed). When he saw her for the first time in his dreams he immediately woke up and began to concentrate his “””””magic””””” on entering the dreams of others like her (spoiler: he fainted from extreme headache).

    He thinks he’s not a unicorn because his mom is a Pegasus (he appreciates how hard-working she is and loves her a lot, he just gets sad sometimes) and therefore he is one too. That’s why he never spreads his wings (his friends and Luna think he forgot how to fly (and it’s true)).

    Regardless, he’s a nice guy who has no problem lending a hoof to people in need (except to spread his wings). People say that he’s funny, friendly and a pleasure to talk to. (Luna considers him a “charismatic whereabouts of constant nightmares”)

    With a lot of effort (without using his wings) he built a pawnshop, on the ledge of the mountain, where he works now days. He overpays for books of spells and magic.

    Bloodstone is a vampire pony. She was born and raised by evil vampire bat ponies. She has two older sisters that hate her because she is not evil, despite her being full blooded evil. Bloodstone’s mother is the queen of vampire ponies. One day, she left her vampire realm because she was so tired of her mom telling her what to do. So, she left. She currently lives in the out-lands of Equestria. She has no friends because everypony is scared of her, despite her being nice. Her mother is still looking for her. When Bloodstones mother finds her, who knows what will happen to her.

    Dark Skroll
    Originally he is from Mount Aris. As a little kid he had to run away because his mother wanted to get rid of him. He hid in the port, on a merchant ship. Later somewhere in ocean the ship was attacked by Storm guards. They found Skroll and took him with them. He began to serve under Storm sign.
    Soon, as a flyer, he was given a special mission to collect artifacts and magic from all the kingdoms. With the help of a crystal accumulator on the chest.
    Here the adventures in alter universe has started.

    Penny Pencil (Winner!)
    Ever since Penny was a filly, she had a passion for creating art. Some of the other ponies thought her art to be weird and strange... No matter what others thought, she stayed open minded and true to herself. She doesn't have many friends, only one who really stayed by her side.
    Shes very Energetic and outgoing. often striking conversations with ponies even when they don't want to talk. She hyper fixates on "internet culture" causing her to create art that makes others giggle and laugh (( even when sometimes, they are just laughing at her)) Despite it all, she stays optimistic and carries a smile everywhere she goes.
    Penny is snarky, full of energy and a great listener for others. Although, her energy can be taken as "overbearing".

    As a unicorn, she always felt like she had the duty to try and study magic. Although magic isn't EVERY unicorn's passion, it was pressured onto her by her parents. When Penny was a filly, she found it hard to do the things SHE enjoyed. Her parents often pressured her to pursue magic before her cutie mark had even arrived. Seeing how this was the only way to please her parents, Penny obeyed and spent most of her filly time studying. She would often go behind her parents backs and find time to draw but it felt pointless with no pony to share it with. To keep it short, she met a friend to share her drawing with. Somepony who made Penny feel worthwhile. With this motivation, she rebelled against her parents and worked towards moving away. Raised in Canterlot, now resides in Ponyville with her new friend.
    Drawn by Nedemai!

    Flashy Pop

    Flashy Pop is quite an active pony. He often loves to go out in the park for a walk, especially during the weekends, and sometimes does stretches when the weather outside is bad. He also plans to join a 10k pony marathon organized in his neighborhood in the near future.

    When he is not running, he also has many other hobbies, such as drawing. He loves drawing both in paper with crayons and marker pens and digitally in his art tablet he bought around a year ago. He loves drawing art as gifts to his online friends, sometimes as postcards during special occasions, such as their birthday or New Year’s Day

    His other hobby is amateur astronomy, as long as he can remember, he has loved watching the stars in the night sky for his whole life. Every month or so he often goes to the countryside to look at the stars in the sky if the sky is clear. He occasionally watches astronomy/space videos on his tablet/computer when he feels inspired. Recently, he also developed an interest in astrophotography after he founded a blog online about taking photos of the night sky. He is now saving up to buy a good camera and telescope to help him view the night sky more clearly

    He is an introvert that doesn't like very stimulating environments, such as parties and oher loud events. He also doesn't like hot weather and bitter foods

    Frontier Ballad
    FB is basically the ponified version of me, plays banjo, is a history nerd, and all that sort of stuff. he has a light grey coat & blonde mane/tail, pretty similar in colour to Derpy's or AJ's manw/tail colour. he has a red bandana around his neck, and small, black, circular glasses, like what you expect an old man to wear as reading glasses in a cartoon. and his cutie mark is a banjo in front of an open book.

    he is a younger stallion, but he is *very* much an old soul, always loves listening to old music and the such.

    Wild Sorbet

    Sorbet is a pony that specializes in making “Sorbet” frozen dessert.
    The name is already inspired by the frozen dessert Sorbet.
    But also tried to make different variants of Sorbet.
    Lives in Zephyr Heights but he also travels to other places to sell their specialty.


    Naza is a fabulous unicorn with a shimmering blue coat and green eyes. His mane is a gradient of green and blue. He is also a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, and loves to express his femininity through his fashion and style by crossdressing. Despite his carefree and sometimes lazy attitude, he is a talented magician, using his unicorn powers to help ponies in need or to protect his friends or loved ones


    Cutie Roses
    Cutie Roses is born from the shadow of Nightmare Moon from the Wasteland Equestria timeline and get raised by Celestia of The Equestria timeline. As Filly, Cutie is an active pony and likes to play around with her guards and Celestia, running and exploring around the castle though some ponies complain about that. As she grows up and discovered that she can use magic without a horn but the magic fades away when she does not focus on it so she secretly studied magic and she chooses Ice Spell and Crystal Shield which are combat skills so she asks for one of her guards to teach her how to fight with sword and some fly tricks. She loves to wear her black socks as they make of mystery material that withstands fire and cuts. She got her cutie mark as a rose on top of the grip of the sword from doing the same with a random guard's sword but she also painted the blade pink, as a young mare Cutie decided to live in Ponyville after hearing Celestia's student doing the same and getting many friends. Being a friend of some of Twilight's friends she still thinks the idea of them winning against villains with their friendship is just luck so she spends more time on perfect combat skills rather than counting on Ponyville's heroes to reform future villains. As Rarity is her closes friend, Cutie has many beautiful dresses but rarely wears and she soon meets a soldier human who finds himself in Equestria and also moves to Ponyville to live under the watch of Princess Twilight, they fell in love with each other, and moving to live under the same root to the point ready to be married but the Tree of Harmony's soul calls her to solve friendship problem in Wasteland Equestria, open the new chapter in the life of the Princess that no pony knows.

    Crimson Desire

    Crimson Desire is my vampire pony! She has bat-wings but isn’t intended to be a batpony character. I also want to mention this was drawn by hand, I tend to draw in the MLP:FIM G4 artstyle but can provide proof!

    Crimson and her family lived in Canterlot when she was very young, since the streets were safe due to high-class, she was able to walk to and from school on her own, and anywhere else in a safe enough distance. Except one night when she wanted to travel late at night, when she was cornered and bit by a vampire turning her into one.

    To hide much attention, her parents got her a cloak to hide her wings and moved to the much more isolated countryside of Ponyville, right on the outskirts. She grew up pretty regularly, even getting a crush on a local flowerpony. Unfortunately, has to hide her identity and feels that their relationship would never work.

    Midnight Ink

    Mightnight Ink, or just Ink if you prefer, currently works as a newspaper comic artist for the Baltimare Sun paper, the local paper of her home city of Baltimare. Her only sibling is her brother, Norm "Engi" Gearwinder, who developed a set of cybernetic wings for her to use which allows her to meet with him in Cloudsdale whenever she chooses. The wings are powered by magic and require her full concentration meaning that she may not cast any spells while in flight, making her nowhere near as capable or as powerful as an alicorn. Her special talent is conjuration, which is a skill she honed while serving in the western equestrian legion during the war. Her conjuration skills in the war allowed her to summon powerful familiars to assist her in battle, but now she uses that talent to make comic writing more engaging and fun

    Herman Garvadain
    Herman Garvadain was a solo traveler. He spent his life traveling around the world. He
    also pretty good at fixing stuff, that’s why his cutie mark is a “light bulb out of the box”. He
    wears his favourite brown bandana on his neck and brown wool shock that match to the
    bandana. Also, he always brought his trusty side bag along his journey.
    When Herman was a filly, he always helps his dad fixing broken stuff. One day, his Dad
    can’t figure out what to do to fix a broken contraption. But Herman, did fix it flawlessly. And
    that’s the day he got his cutie mark. When he was teenager, Herman decides to leave his
    home to start a journey around the world. He wanted to experience every beautiful scenery
    he traveled. Also, Herman has a goal, he wanted to help ponies everywhere he come to,
    especially assistance in fixing stuff.

    Izumi Inkbrush
    Izumi Inkbrush is a quiet, reticent artist who lives in Ponyville. Due to his quiet nature, not many ponies know about his rather dark past.

    Izumi was born in Neighpon, and lived in a small village. From a young age he loved to draw. When he grew into a young stallion however, he was forced to join a clan's army, and fought in many battles. One day, the clan was defeated, and Izumi escaped all the way to his village. He found it ruined and desolate. A survivor told him that another clan had destroyed the village and killed all the villagers - including his wife and mother.

    Heart-broken and filled with guilt, he escaped to Equestria, where he settled in Ponyville as an artist. For a long time he hid his past, displaying a cold attitude. He eventually befriended a pegasus mare named Sunflower, and slowly began to open up to her. She helped him face his past and overcome it, and they eventually fell in love. They soon married and had two foals.

    Sadly, Sunflower died of an illness a few years later, leaving Izumi all by himself again. Despite his loss, he continued living on, happy that he'd made great memories with Sunflower. At some point, he came to know Jesus. He's still an artist, and travels between Canterlot and Ponyville for work. He also writes stories on occasion.

    Gardenia is the result of ponies in a village near Manehattan being mutated with spiders by the radiation from balefire during the war, and over 200 years became a species.
    She in particular is part garden spider, though more pony than arachnid. She still has spider traits though. Instead of from her body, she can make spider webs with magic from her horn, and she does have venomous fangs, but it's harmless to ponies.
    She's 16 and now lives in another village with her friend Citrina, a green artificial alicorn who used to be in the Unity.

    Dusklight Blossom
    Dusklight Blossom was a gardener. Her foster-parents found her from outskirts of Fillydelphia when she was foal and rised her up. When she was young lady, her foster-fathers uncle from Canterlot dead and she moved to Canterlot. She lived in uncles house, hold it tidy and works as gardener. She is shy and kind and because she is orphan and are not rich and famous, she had not friends. Lonelyness caused sorrow and stress and she conosled herself with sweets. Such bad habits caused serious overweight.
    Until she meet anarchists and went into adventures what brings her to undiscovered west, where is a town of anarchists.
    Her special talent is plant care, she combines earth pony magic and unicorn magic for checking life and energies of earth and roots and can perfectly water, enrich and trim the plants.

    My oc gamerpony loves to hangout with his friends and help out to do cloud busting sometimes he even likes to spend time at donut joe for a nice tasty chocolate donut sometimes with sprinkles on and he even we'll go help apple jack with the apples my oc is a great friend to everypony his always happy to help a pony in need and his cutie mark is a game controller with wings the controller means he likes playing video games and the wings means he's a big time helper

    Flight Check
    (Google Doc)

    Harmony Bop
    Harmony Bop is a musician who, wherever he goes, spreads the magic of music with everypony he finds. He can play everything from guitar to drums. Bass to keyboards. Violins to trumpets. He was named Harmony Bop after his father, Scoobidi Bop, and mother, Harmony Flow. Even though he might look stone faced and cold, he is actually very shy and caring. His empathy being the thing driving him to share his music with the land of Equestria.
    As a young colt, his father introduced him to the world of music and how it can really impact somepony’s life. After seeing his father play a concert, he got inspired to take Equestria by storm.

    Snow Filly (Winner!)
    Midnight Shriek's cutie mark is a firefly. While she does love the adorable insect, its symbolic meaning is in how she lights the way for others. Midnight hates injustices and believes everyone deserves a chance at friendship. However she can be a bit too headstrong in trying to fix things, and socially awkward when it comes to discussions. She adores cute things, and is always up for a good time. She'll even wear sunglasses to try to stay up through sunrise, so her sleep schedule is a mess. Like most bat ponies, she prefers fruit, especially mangos and apples.
    Drawn by Confetti_cakez!

    Thunder Blast
    Thunder Blast was a simple earth pony before he met the elements of insanity. But one their magic was infused into him, he became the most powerful pony in that universe. Capable of lifting buildings with his magic, able to summon projections of meteors capable of decimating his foes, and able fly fast enough to exceed escape velocity, and yet love compassionately with rainbine, his powers were put to the test against Painset Shinmercakes, where he was nearly defeated, but his inner will to protect the elements of insanity and the modiverse, he defeated her, brought her back to being sunset shimmer, and they all lived happily ever after. As he has fathered a child with rainbine, his powers subside, but every pony is happy to have him as a powerful ally.

    Back in 2020, he used to be a 9th grader human who is an orphan and living alone in a house in a village near a forest. But due to the pandemic, he was forced to stay inside the house, play some games and attend online classes every morning.

    Until that fateful day, a large group of terrorists suddenly attacked his village and killed him with an assault rifle in a massacre.

    At his death, instead of the grim reaper delivering him to hell, it was instead: A white, glowing alicorn that is nearly impossible to identify the face, gender, color, or whatsoever.

    He was given a body of a young dragon-pony hybrid with a brown-furry coat, a spiky blue mane and tail similar to his human body, and a dragon wing with dark blue frames and light blue membranes.

    He was reincarnated to Cloudsdale and met up with a filly Fluttershy and a filly Rainbow Dash. With this encounter, he is now living with Fluttershy's family as a worker and slowly learning about Equestria.

    As he grew, he accidentally taught Mr. and Mrs. Shy about human cuisine, cleaning life hacks (Such as combining lemon and detergent to clean dirty surfaces), etcetera. The couple found this strange and he just brushed it off as him being a foreigner, but he did tell his origins to Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.

    A decade later, he is now a fully grown adult and is reunited with his old friends who are reincarnated as well.

    He's a forager for herbs, vegetables, and fruits in the Everfree Forest because he can only do it because of the katana he ordered from a local blacksmith. And is the only vacant job at the time he went to Ponyville.
    Also, he accidentally changed the weapons of Princess Celestia's guards from spears to katanas because that weapon does not exist in Equestria. Because the military is getting stronger, Ace received a huge amount of bits enough to rebuild a house.

    He lives in a large residence with his friends near the Everfree Forest.

    He was told by the white alicorn that he cannot earn any cutie marks because he is not completely a pony, but Ace does not care about this and just dealt with it.

    Austin Steedman

    Austin Henry Steedman was born the day his brother passed away, due to an attack threat from an Evil alicorn prince. He was genetically altered to fill his brother’s horseshoes and defeat said prince. He never did find out what his cutie mark really is, but he does know it has to do with purpose.

    He tends to be the kind of stallion who acts like a man-child, but would do anything to see a friend be happy.

    This is Sunny, he's thinking about his friends in this picture. He's a male Kirin as you can see. Sunny is a fluffy friend who suffered through the awful stream of silence business in his mountain home, before setting off for adventure once the village regained its voice. He travels Equestria helping others wherever he can, he's a great listener and some ponies even say he's done more for them than any of the professional counsellors they had to pay for. Now living in Ponyville he has a small cottage outside the town where he welcomes anyone, friend or client. who needs a helping hoof to get better.

    He changes his coat colour based on what he feels if it radiates strongly enough. while most kirin simply turn red with anger taking the form of a nirik, he glows brighter with joy, turns deep blue when sad, pink when in love and bright red when embarassed. He probably has other colours for his various emotions but he hasn't discovered those yet.

    All in all he's happy to help anyone in need, and a great big bundle of floof to give a nice big hug to.


    (Image link expired on this one for some reason!) 
    Her name is inky and she is a half changling  half pony who loves to draw.
    She lives in ponyville and often changes into a pony to fit in, but she does not have much understanding of ponys , and will often change into a alicorn without understanding that there are not many of them. Inky isn't the best at making friends and often scares pony away do to the fact that pony and changelings (dragons, griffins, sea pony, ect) living together was a newer thing.

    Amethyst Majesty

    Amethyst Majesty is a martial artist who is destined to be a sensei at Ponyville. In the
    past, his father, Hardened Stone, decided that he would have Amethyst Majesty trained to
    become a warrior of his terrorist organization called the Purple Nightmares. Amethyst was
    trained relentlessly between the ages 7 to 14 to become an expert martial arts fighter, assassin,
    and magic user. By the age of 14, he was tasked by his father to kill the murderer. He found the
    murderer’s home and defeated him. And when he was ready to kill the murderer, Amethyst
    suddenly stopped and saw a vision of his mother. He threw the murderer to the floor and told
    him: “Thank my mother” before he disappeared. After that, he decided not to return home and
    fled to Ponyville.

    As the years go by in Ponyville, Amethyst loved to draw, dance, sing karaoke, and play
    games, but he still continued to learn martial arts by joining a karate dojo with and learning the
    importance of honor, respect, and friendship. Someday, he will be a sensei and have his own
    dojo so that he can teach his students the lessons his sensei, his friends, and his family taught
    him in the past.