• 35 Of the Best Fanfics to Read for Rainbow Dash Day!


    Dadh day means Dash fanfics! We've got a bunch of them too, 35 in all. Go check them out below, and since this list is completely different from last time, be sure to hit last year if you want more. Thanks to Whisper Key for scouting it all!

    Go read below.


    Slice of Life




    Audiokooks by Estee [8k words]


    As far as Rainbow's usually concerned, innovation doesn't come fast enough. The future should be now, and anypony who isn't willing to greet it head-on just isn't moving with the times. So getting what's effectively a new way of reading? Awesome! But it's not good enough yet. She needs it to work at her standards. And fortunately, she just happens to know a mechanic who can make a few adjustments.

    Ratchette (usually) appreciates the business. But anypony who regularly deals with the weather coordinator has to expect a certain amount of... fallout.

    And nopony can ever stop Rainbow from being Rainbow.


    A Mare's Needs by Kodeake [3k words]


    All mares have needs. Even if they’re totally uncool and undeniably lame. Rainbow Dash is the one exception to the rule. After a month away from her marefriend, she wasn’t even the tiniest bit lonely. And she definitely didn’t need - or want - a hug. Hugs were lame, and she was Rainbow Danger Dash. Hugging would only slow her down.


    Rookie by mushroompone [5k words]


    Retired Ex-Princess Luna has joined the Wonderbolts to stave off her boredom. Rainbow Dash isn't exactly thrilled to have her aboard.


    A Darling Little Secret by Gusto Starstorm [4k words]


    It was a week before Nightmare Night, when Rarity decided to take a trip to Canterlot.

    And while there, she meets a sweet, classy mare with a prismatic mane, and a habit of saying "Darling". But there's something about her that she finds just too familiar.

    And as she'll learn, maybe there's more to this familiarity than meets the eye.


    All I Want for Hearth’s Warming by Moosetasm [4k words]


    Applejack has chosen to be alone on Hearth’s Warming because she doesn’t have a special somepony to spend it with, and doesn’t want to rub everyone else the wrong way.

    Just as she’s about to settle in for a long winter’s nap, Rainbow shows up and they both decide to find solace in each other’s company.


    Flight Envy by applejackofalltrades [2k words]


    "Do you ever feel like you were born… wrong?"


    "I mean… I dunno, sometimes I feel like I was meant to be a pegasus. Like you."

    Rainbow often wondered what it’d be like to be a pegasus. Too bad she wasn’t born one. A mare can dream, though. Sometimes that’s all she can do.


    Labors at Sunrise by NaiadSagaIotaOar [1k words]


    Dating a celebrity is hard, for both parties. Rainbow and Cherry aren't the types to shy away from things that're hard.


    Of Cottages and Cloud Houses by bookplayer [5k words]


    When they first moved to Ponyville, Fluttershy moved into an ornate cloud house, and Rainbow Dash moved into an animal infested cottage. As they settle into new lives and meet new ponies, they quickly discover that this isn't going to work at all.


    Ripstop by Estee [9k words]


    In some ways, every Bearer is a partial reflection of every other. Fluttershy can lecture, Pinkie is prone to overwork, Applejack has wound up lost in research, and Twilight's been known to hide under the occasional couch. But when it comes to Rarity and Rainbow... that's where the connection seems to be the most tenuous. They're each part of the same sextet and to outside observers, that's about it.

    That little detour through the kite flying area means Rainbow isn't going anywhere for a few hours. Rarity refuses to abandon her relaxation site. And with the two mares stuck with each other, they're going to talk about how they have absolutely no commonalities whatsoever.

    They're nothing alike, except for the one way in which they're exactly the same.


    Saplings by Carabas [2k words]


    Rainbow Dash sets about the most important of her teaching duties; decorating a copse of truculent trees for Hearth's Warming. Just as well she's got a new teaching assistant, Sweetie Belle, to delegate to.









    Speed Demon by Boltstrike58 [5k words]


    Twilight Sparkle has begun research on a strange new species in the desert. Unfortunately, it seems this new creature may actually be faster than Rainbow Dash! Rainbow, naturally, isn't too happy about this, and sets out to correct this wrong.


    Dashie Punches a Shark by JakeAndDollars [5k words]


    Rainbow Danger Dash daring stunt flyer extraordinaire has a list, a list detailing her greatest victories over all those to have challenged her. From wooden wolves to nightmarish magical monstrosities she has overcome and surpassed them all, save for one. With the knowledge that there exists a dangerous creature out there still unchallenged by her greatness she sets a course to check off one final frightening fiend. Her only plan, to face the jaws of the beast in the open water of the deep blue sea.


    Nightmare on Two Feet by FanOfMostEverything [5k words]


    Rainbow Dash isn't sure what's going on, why it's happening, or even what species she's supposed to be. All she knows is that it's Nightmare Night and Ponyville has gone crazy.

    Crazier than usual.

    In a bad way.

    Point is, it's a problem, and she's going to fix it... somehow.


    Someone Steals Rainbow Dash's NFTs by PresentPerfect [2k words]


    Art thieves? In Equestria? It's more likely than you'd think!

    Once again, notorious big brain mare Rainbow Q. Dash has gotten herself into a mighty pickle, and it's up to her friends to help her unpickle herself!

    You hear that? She's Pickle Rainbow!

    (She's not actually Pickle Rainbow, no one says that, I don't know why I put that there.)









    Imprisment by Petrichord [7k words]



    Rainbow Dash's life is full of colour: of sunrises and sunsets that dance, of skies so blue you can taste them, of prisms that fracture light and fill one's soul with rainbows. Truly, it is a life where she couldn't ask for more.

    Why do ponies fear that? It's as if they're scared of beauty. Or maybe scared of her, possibly.

    If only they'd let her enlighten them. But maybe today will be a luckier day...


    Shattered Prism by Kaidan [34k words]


    Each night I’m trapped in the dark, immobilized. I hear whispers as they operate on me: they say I shouldn’t be alive. Twilight refuses to tell me about the operation. Sometimes she can’t look me in the eye. What did they do to me?

    Nothing used to scare me: I kicked a dragon in the nose, defeated gods of chaos and hatred, and control the weather. Now I feel broken. My memories have shattered, I feel wrong, and I’m afraid to tell anypony how scared I am.

    I can’t even do the rainboom anymore. Who am I? I’m no longer the best flyer in Equestria, yet everypony assures me I am. Why won’t they tell me the truth?


    Community Service by Silent Whisper [1k words]


    Rainbow Dash turns into a ferret. Everypony is somewhat happy about this. Since Rainbow Dash is no longer a pony, her feelings of distress and terror don't count against that.

    This is not a comedy.


    dead butterflies (One of Them Will Destroy the Other) by The Red Parade [5k words]


    Rainbow’s face darkened. “Cozy, I’m not asking you. I’m telling you. I need to know how we end.”

    Something flashed through Cozy’s face, something Rainbow vaguely thought of as fear. But it passed and Cozy hissed, rubbing her forehead. “Fine. You want to know how you two end?”

    There was a second of silence filled by the wind.

    Cozy’s eyes burned red when she spoke again. “One of you will destroy the other.”


    In Colour by Seer [2k words]


    Blindness, contrary to what Rainbow had always imagined, was not like being in a dark room.


    Midnight Call by King of Madness [2k words]


    Have you ever felt like Death was following you?

    Sunset Shimmer receives a call from Rainbow Dash in the middle of the night. Rainbow Dash is lost and something feels wrong.









    A Little Bit of Nothing by Karrakaz [5k words]


    Rainbow has known Fluttershy for a long time, almost longer than she can remember remembering things at all. Lately, though... things have been weird. Not like... super weird, but weird.

    It's like... Shy is still Shy, but cooler? Not quite. It's complicated. Rainbow wasn't actually planning to do anything about it, though. Not until Applejack stuck her nose into Rainbow's business.

    Still, maybe it will be okay. She just has to talk to Shy, right?


    Flightless Rainbow by XenoPony [2k words]


    After a long day of working at Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie Pie eagerly awaits closing time so she can spend some time with her new marefriend Rainbow Dash. Who has been grounded lately due to a wing injury. Unfortunately, when the pegasus arrives she's not her usual, confident self. So Pinkie does what she does best, she sets out to make her marefriend smile again.


    Dashing Through the Snow by mobius_ [5k words]


    It's Hearthswarming! The fireplace is lit, the presents are under the tree, and you are sharing a cup of hot cocoa with your best friend. How could it get any better? Well, if you ask Rainbow Dash, the answer is to venture outside in freezing temperatures and throw balls of frozen water at one another until you are soaked and suffering from hypothermia, or something like that.

    For a mare that doesn't have a reputation for thinking things through, you doubt she has a plan to warm up after it's all said and done. Tonight, though...she might just surprise you.


    Her Wings by TheManehattanite [5k words]


    How intense is Dash? Death has near-Rainbow experiences. Very near.

    But there are rules.

    Crossover with Neil Gaiman's Sandman. Inspired by Andy Price's sketchbook.


    Holding Hands by Jhoira [2k words]


    Rainbow Dash has a crush on Aloe, and has decided that it's time to tell her. To her annoyance, it seems Lotus knows her secret. Also, Rainbow Dash has a thing about people touching her hands, for some reason.


    Mystic Familiar by Seer [1k words]


    High in the air, Rainbow always felt free and unbound.

    But it was all the treasures of the earth that kept her coming back down to the ground.









    Zap Apple: Rainbow Dash vs Maternity Leave by Ninjadeadbeard [8k words]


    Through the use of Discord's magic, Rainbow Dash and Applejack are currently expecting a foal. Heck, they even picked out a name for the little colt or filly! But not all is well on Sweet Apple Acres. Due to Discord's... well, Discord... Dash ended up the one set to carry the future Zap Apple, which now threatens her Captaincy of the Wonderbolts.

    It's bad enough that the undead black sheep of the Apple clan is living and working on the farm, but now Rainbow has to give up the dream job she's been working for all her life!?

    The real question is: Can she?


    Sorry We Missed You by Starswirl the Beardless [41k words]


    Rainbow Dash is a simple mare. She loves flying, she loves napping, but most importantly of all, she loves her friends. She loves her family. She loves the little tortoise who sleeps in the corner of her bedroom. She loves her town, she loves her country, she loves her world.

    She's never thought about what she would do without it all. She's never thought about what she would do if she woke up one morning, only to discover that the world had passed her by. She's never thought about what she would be willing to do, how far she would be willing to go, to get it all back.


    Sweet and Proper by Undome Tinwe [2k words]


    Rarity imparts on Rainbow Dash the most important lesson of Nightmare Moon's rule.









    Echoes of Loyalty by Silent Whisper [8k words]


    What cost is worth paying to live in the City above the clouds? Whatever it takes for Rainbow Dash to feel alive.









    A Rainbow Over Station 9 by Odd_Sarge [4k words]


    Mount Everest: the hardest climb on planet Earth. It's a veritable peak that has pushed the most experienced mountain-climbers to their limit, and even taken their lives.

    Rainbow Dash is sure she could conquer it, but Mount Fuji will have to do.


    Odrsjot by Imploding Colon [357k words]


    Rainbow Dash and her companions fly east.


    Alive Until Sunrise by Accurate Balance [4k words]


    Rainbow Dash flew west.


    Going Home by Baal Bunny [7k words]


    At this year's Ponyville Fun and Frolic Festival, Flim and Flam have a booth on the midway offering "a unique competitive opportunity." Applejack wants nothing to do with it. Rainbow wants everything to do with it.


    Sanctuary by The DJ Rainbow Dash [8k words]


    When a freak accident causes Rainbow Dash to lose her trademark defining trait, Twilight worries that it might have taken her spirit, soul, and her love away along with it.

    With the help of a friend, maybe there is a way she can help her find it again.

    Perhaps a trip to a very special place is in order.