• What Happened to Tell Your Tale?

    I've had a few people come to me today asking me where the Tell Your Tale episode is, so I figured we'd get a post up talking about it. As most of you are aware, last week we didn't get an episode, and the official Instagram for TYT updated their listing calling it a bi-weekly series. This lead people to believe that we would get one today. Apparently that was not the case.

    We know there will be a Netflix release of it this year according to an article the other day, but we don't know how long this particular hiatus will last. Since we don't have TV listing sites for G5 like we did for G4, we don't have an easy way to check for upcoming dates.

    We do know it's not cancelled at the very least. Hasbro had a massive chunk of episodes already ordered for the show according to earlier postings at various brand licensing events. They may just be letting people cool down on it for a bit while they get ready to blast us with the next set. It has been a pretty long un-interrupted string of content over the past year, and I know a few people were burning out on it. It's usually healthy to put a gap in to give people time to digest the content.

    There are rumors that this particular break is 4 weeks, but we can't confirm those at all. Either way, we will let you know when it continues, be it in 2 weeks from now or May/April like traditional pony seasons tended to start.