• Sunny's Book of Adventure Released Early (Somewhere)

    We don't have an actual location for this one's release yet, but the book announced back in May of last year has released a month early somewhere, and uploads of it are already popping up over on various websites. Like a lot of G5 books, this one actually introduces some new content in the form of Sunny giving a first person journalistic look at everything about G5.

    She talks about her friends, actually acknowledges the death of Argyle, and has an entire section secretly written by Opaline, which reveals a bit more about her plans with Sparky's baby dragonfire and magic as a whole. It ends with a personality quiz.

    Until we find where it actually released early, expect it to release in February on the 7th. I'll update the post if we find the shop that dropped it! For now, expect to see it out there in the wild since it's a pretty neat story with over 100 pages.