• Show Off Your OC and Get it Drawn! - Equestria Daily OC Art Contest

    We haven't run a contest in a while have we? Lets do one! The discord team here at Equestria Daily is interested in your original characters, and wants to hear ALL about them in one big event!

    Your mission is to draw your original pony, even if you've never drawn before, and create a one paragraph bio for it. Tell us all about your special little snowflake! Don't leave anything out! (as long as it's sfw of course.) 


    Winners will get a shaded portrait piece of their pony from either Confetticakez or Nedamai.

    Submissions details and rules can be found below. You have until the 19th of January to get yours in.

    How to Enter:

    • Join the Equestria Daily Discord server 
    • Draw your OC pony. No skill required, send a stickpony if you have to! Bases/templates/pony creator/popen not allowed. You need to draw it!
    • Write a short (under 600 words) bio about your pony.  Make sure to include significant details like their name and race, and feel free to include any other little details that you would like to share.
    • Attach or provide a link to the art in an email to Submit@equestriadaily.com with OC CONTEST as the subject. Include your bio in the body of the email, as well as Discord username and nickname you use on the server. 




    • One entry per person 
    • No clop or gore art. Follow Discord server and EQD rules. 
    • You must include bio, drawing, and Discord name to be counted. Drawing can be linked to Deviant Art, Twitter, etc.

    Winners will be chosen after the 19th of January, along with a gallery showing them all off, so be sure to get those ponies in!