• Open Brony Music (All Skill Levels Welcome) - #51


    Tavi delivers another huge round of Open Music! We've got a lot today from musicians from around the skill spectrum, along with instrumentals from some of the best! Go get them down below.

    [1] Source
    Новогодний подарок! (Appleblood , Eternal Night , Darkess Protects Me , Sad Song [Instrumentals]) by SweetF1RE

    [2] Source
    Coco Tundra - Moments [Ambient/Chillout] by Ponies At Dawn

    [3] Source
    harmonic starlight frequencies by Naoayse

    [4] Source
    [Piano] LBP - A ride on mommy's back |Weekly Magic Vol 10| by LoneBronyProductions

    [5] Source
    [FUTURE BOUNCE] Ice Angel & KiTSUNE - Colorful (Sylvver & FORSAKE Remix) by SYLVVER

    [6] Source
    Shuffle Horse - Luna (feat. Almeydx) [Latin Dancehall/Pop] by Ponies At Dawn

    [7] Source
    【Music】Autumn Cry by Moon Song

    [8] Source
    Proto_ssin & GrazySmash - Depth pt. II (feat. Koa) [Ice Angel Remix] by Ice Angel

    [9] Source
    Rarity Vrymer Collective - The Generosity Of Rarity II: Watery Memories (feat. Kazumi Evans) [DL] by Rarity Vrymer Collective

    [10] Source
    Aether by Sparklight Productions

    [11] Source
    EveryDayDashie - A Special Tune: 2022 Epic Orchestral Collaboration (ft. brambleshadow4, Bolt) by EveryDayDashie

    [12] Source
    ELEPS - Another Day (RVCollective's "RVCollective & The Dazzlings - Find The Magic" Remix) by Rarity Vrymer Collective

    [13] Source
    TM - Still Pone by Toby Macarony

    [14] Source
    Tw3Lv3 - One Small Thing (feat. Drummershy, Koa & MC​-​Arch) (Midnight Wave's 2nd Remix) by Midnight Wave

    [15] Source
    👉 Violin Melody - Swirly | 🦇 DARK HOUSE by Violin Melody