• Official Size Chart for G5 Ponies, and New Lore About Their City Origins Revealed!

    A press PDF has been released for the My Little Pony: A New Generation movie that delves deeply into the lore and characters surrounding the show. It has full, very detailed bios of all the mane 5 ponies, along with this nifty height chart showing off how tall each of them is in comparison.

    One very neat tidbit is the origins of Zephyr Heights, Bridlewood, and Maretime Bay, tying them directly to G4 locations!

    Get the full copypasta of that part below.

    Location Lore: 

    The challenge became how to maintain some continuation of the past while being set hundreds of years later. One of the ways Mayer and his team achieved this was to keep some of the key attributes of the places fans loved from past stories. “Maretime Bay has some elements from Ponyville. You can see some design details like the window shapes that we brought from Ponyville,” he explains. “We thought that over time they moved to the coast, but they kept some of the design from the city. Bridlewood is an evolution of Everfree Forest from ‘Friendship is Magic,’ especially when it came to the shape of the trees. Zephyr Heights comes from Cloudsdale. Now that the magic has gone, they can’t live in the clouds anymore so the next place they could go were the mountains above the clouds. They still keep the same feeling in the clouds even though they’re now grounded since they can’t fly.” Another way to pay homage to the past was to infuse the film with enough easter eggs that fans could watch the film over and over again, never ceasing to discover new things that relate to both the current and previous ponies. “I think the biggest ones were in Sunny’s house,” Mayer reveals. “We decided to put a huge amount of easter eggs in there because we thought of her father Argyle as an Indiana Jones kind of guy, an archaeologist or a professor. He collected things that he had found over the years so his office is full of easter eggs.

    From this press PDF.