• My Little Pony (Generation 5) #12 Solicitation - Order Info

    My Little Pony: Generation 5 Issue 12 Cover A My Little Pony: Generation 5 Issue 12 Cover B My Little Pony: Generation 5 Issue 12 Cover RI

    Happy official solicitation day everypony.

    For the last 6 months (or so), the covers for each issue of MLP have been released early and at random intervals over the course of... sometimes days, sometimes weeks. 

    And on a few occasions it's months.

    Keeping track of everything is a pain in the neck.

    Especially when it comes to ordering the comics from your local comic book shops.

    Never fear, for this post has that information ready to go! And can be found after the break!

    My Little Pony (Generation 5) #12
    Casey Gilly (w) • Trish Forstner (a & CVR A) • Brianna Garcia (CVR B) • JustaSuta (1:10 RI CVR) Heather Breckel (c)

    Have you heard?! Hitch has his very own podcast! Maretime Bay’s cold cases are reopened by the sheriff himself. Mysteries, crimes, and disappearances will all be solved with Hitch on the case! Maybe he’ll finally discover who stole my cupcake..

    FC • 22 pages • $3.99

    LCS Order Due Date: Mar 27, 2023

    Estimated Street Date: May 03, 2023

    Penguin Random House Order Codes: