• Fanfiction (Scouted): "What's Yours is Mine!" or "Why Work When You Can Steal?!"



    Description:Unicorn Quick Caper and his much larger Earth pony pal Mugger, have had it with constantly having their schemes thwarted by the savvy law enforcement of Manehatten.

    So when they hear about a fair-sized hamlet out in the middle of nowhere, stuck right beside the Everfree Forest and the main city of Canterlot, they see this as the perfect opportunity to snag some quick bits from the unsuspecting rubes that travel between the Forest and the way to Canterlot.

    What could be more simple?! Avoid those pesky, nosy Bearers, lie in wait along the Road, jump out and surprise anypony with enough bits! With Caper's brains and Mugger's muscle, they'd soon be rolling in cash! Profit!

    ...turns out, they should have done a bit more research...

    "What's Yours is Mine!" or "Why Work When You Can Steal?!"