• "Tomorrow Will Be Televised" With Cort Lane and Jenna Warren Aired - Some G5 Newsy Bits Revealed!


    The other day I posted about a talk show that had both Cort Lane (Make Your Mark Executive Producer) and Jenna Warren (Sunny) would be on a show called "Tomorrow Will Be Televised" over at Blog Talk Radio. It's now available to stream if you want to listen to it over here.

    While they couldn't say anything too spoilery due to NDA's and contracts, we did get a few neat little teasers. Apparently the next season of MYM will have a lore more Sunny focus, with her developing her alicorn powers. They also have something fun coming up for the 40th anniversary. I wonder what it could be? There are so many amazing possibilites, from G4 ponies returning in some form to another episode 100 style pile of madness. I guess we will find out soon!

    Thanks to Jordan for the heads up.