• Random My Little Pony Merchandise -

    It's crazy how fast a month goes by. We haven't had one of these posts since the 1st of November. Time to corral up all the weird and ranndom merchandise findings people are discovering out there! If you find random weird pony merchandise in the wild, be sure to send it our way with a picture and location to Submit@equestriadaily.com with RANDOM MERCH as the subject and we can include it!

    Now go get lots of neat stuff below, starting with these potato sticks found in Kuala Lampur at Mid Valley Megamall. Just in case you want potato sticks or something! thanks for Jeffrey for that one.

    Hallmark Pinkie Ornament 2022

    Found at: Hallmark
    Found by: Firestorm Danger Dash

    Izzy Moonbow Sleep Mask

    Found at: Home Bargains in the UK
    Found by: LouBlu08

    G5 Backpack and Sandals

    Found at: La Botique
    Found by: Rainboom Story

    Sunny Painting Figure

    Found at: My Little Pony Magazine
    Found by: Daraya

    G5 Paper Plates, Cups, and more

    Found at: Amazon - Plates / Plates + Cups / Cups

    Zipp Princess Outfit

    Found at:Articluo
    Found by: Sprout

    G5 Lip Balm

    Found at: Empik
    Found by: Kuco

    G5 Birthday Invitations

    Found at: Amazon - Design 1 / Design 2 / Design 3

    G5 Lunch Boxes

    Found at: Amazon SA - Design 1 / Design 2
    Found by: OrangeFlower

    G5 Birthday Supplies Box, Cake Toppers, and more

    Found at: Amazon - Party Box / Cake Topper / Cupcake Topper

    G5 Posters

    Found at: Amazon - Design 1 / Design 2 / Design 3
    Found by:

    G5 Pez Containers

    Found at: Hancocks UK
    Found by: Sprout

    G5 Sticker Pack

    Found at: Hobby Lobby
    Found by:

    G5 Boots

    Found at: Cossmoss Port
    Found by: Sprout

    G5 Slippers

    Found at: Liverpool
    Found by: D001

    G5 Digital Watch

    Found at: Studio

    Different G5 Scooter

    Found at: Amazon Mexico
    Found by:

    G5 My Little Pony Stickers Premium Vinyl Decal

    Found at: Amazon

    Chriastmas Stocking

    Found at: wal-cor

    Wall Decals from Fathead for G5

    Found at: Fathead

    G5 Gift Tags

    Found at: Tokopedia
    Found by: Alys

    G5 Magic Egg

    Found at: Oglokskazki
    Found by: Alys

    Random Things With Incomplete Product Packinging!

    Found by: Alys

    Activity Box

    Found at: Ajeeb
    Found by: Alys