• Open Brony Music (All Skill Levels Welcome) - #43


    Open music continues, where all are welcome and where most instrumentals hang. Check it all out below if you want a bit of variety!

    [1] Source
    I Hang On to My Vertigo (Dandelions Edit) by Dandelion Ass

    [2] Source
    Biggest Dog on the Block - MLP Holiday Parody Music [Explicit Lyrics] by Pit Crew

    [3] Source
    -v2- MoonDancer | Sparta Crystal Echo Remix by 「Brave」

    [4] Source
    Totalspark - Reflections Of Myself [Future Garage] by Ponies At Dawn

    [5] Source
    Pipetka - Elixir by Pipetka

    [6] Source
    Spott - 96 Quite Bitter Beings (cover of CKY) by Mumble Etc.

    [7] Source
    EveryDayDashie - Excursion (Official Lyrics Video) by EveryDayDashie

    [8] Source
    Emperor SPROUT TS by Swagg Bronii

    [9] Source
    Starlight = Glimmer ~ Metal Cover/Remix by CutTheRedWire