• Limited Edition MLP Commemorative Coin Released

    The company New Zealand Mint has released a limited edition "My Little Pony 1oz Silver Coin". The silver coin features G1 ponies on the front, and the head of Queen Elizabeth II on the back.

    The "Original Mane 6" – Blue Belle, Blossom, Butterscotch, Snuzzle, Cotton Candy and Minty – are shown on the coin itself, and the packaging has Starshine on the lid.

    The collectible coin is legal tender in the Pacific island country of Niue. Its face value is 2 New Zealand dollars, but it costs US$99 to purchase. 2,000 of them have been minted.

    NZ Mint has also released a video demonstration of the product on YouTube.



    Thanks to Dave and MLP Merch for the info!