• Italy's EponaFest Convention Plans and Tickets Available

    EponaFest in Milan, Italy is taking place next year on the 20th to the 21st of May, and they have a new theme slated for this year: Italian Cuisine. As an Italian who eats way too much of that, I approve!

    If you'd like to attend the event this year, find the press release down below, or visit their website here

    Press Release: 

    We'll wait for you on 20 - 21st of May 2023  at the same gorgeous Starhotels Business Palace in Milan, Italy. Same place, same date but even more fun! And food too, because our theme this year is: Italian Cuisine!

    Make sure to check out our social media handles to stay in contact with us and get all the news regarding the convention and more!

    Also if you are interested in some cooking advices, remember to check out our special Reginette's Cookbook! Every Thursday at 6 pm on all of our socials!

    What are you waiting for?! Tickets sale are already open! Hurry up and pick your ticket before the price rises again with the new year!

    And, if you can't come or if you want to support us in another way, please, donate at our crowdfunding! Some limited edition special gifts are waiting for you!

    See ya at EponaFest 2023!