• BABSCon Really Needs Your Help for 2023!

    Good morning everyone.

    BABSCon is in need of a little bit of financial help this year.

    They've sent over a press release which goes over all the details and can be found after the break.

    We won’t beat around the bush. We need your help to ensure we can last through 2023 and beyond.

    In 2020, as many of you know, COVID-19 wreaked havoc on this planet. The timing of the global shutdowns were devastating for BABSCon. We were only a few weeks away from having our 2020 convention. Then, our 2021 event was also canceled due to COVID. This meant we lost two years of revenue while our monthly bills kept coming.

    Despite our best efforts with BABSCon 2022, we're still in a very bad place, financially. To that end, we've set up an Indiegogo campaign to raise the capital we need for 2023 and beyond. More details about our current situation can be found on that page.

    LInk: https://igg.me/at/BABSConCCD

    Thank you all so much for the support you’ve given us over the years, and thanks in advance for helping us through a rough time now. We want nothing more than to keep bringing you fond MLP memories for years to come!

    Other ways you can help are to pre-register for BABSCon 2023, upgrade your current registration, and/or volunteer to staff!

    About BABSCon
    BABSCon is the Bay Area Brony Spectacular, a convention held in Burlingame, California, for fans and friends of the My Little Pony TV series. It is not affiliated with or endorsed by Hasbro, owners of the My Little Pony franchise, or any of Hasbro’s affiliates or subsidiaries. The event features various noted voice actors and other creatives from the My Little Pony franchise, as well as guests, artists, and writers from the fan community. The convention hosts various events, including specialized events for young children attending with families, events for all ages, and late-night events for adults only. BABSCon celebrates not only a wonderful world of pastel ponies, but the friendship and community that inspires us all. BABSCon will be held April 7–9, 2023 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport. More information is available at www.babscon.com.