• Winter Wish Day Update Hits Roblox

    As announced the other day, Roblox has a Winter Wish Day update for their My Little Pony server. The entire thing has been covered in snow, and various winter themed goodies are available.

    Head on down below for pictures and update notes, or go check it out yourself here.


    🌟WINTER WISHDAY UPDATES ARE HERE! 🌨️ πŸ¦„ New holiday hooves, trails and color customizations for your pony avatar! πŸ₯€ Deliver Sunny’s new winter smoothie flavor! πŸ”” Find holiday items around town for Izzy! ❄️ Help Hitch locate snowponies! 🎁 Open your gifts! Welcome to My Little Pony’s Maretime Bay, where magic is around every corner! From Earth Ponies to Unicorns to Pegasi… Everypony is excited that you’re here! πŸ¦„ Meet the Mane 5, play games, style your pony and more! πŸ’Ž Collect crystals to customize your pony avatar πŸ—Ί️ Explore Maretime Bay 🌀️ Soar the skies with Zipp Storm 🎢 Shake your hooves on the dance floor with Pipp Petals πŸ“Έ Have your avatar snap a pic with the Mane 5 in the selfie booth πŸ₯‡ Earn badges!