• The Kirin Return to the Gameloft MLP Game

    The Gameloft pony game has updated with more kirinified mane 6 for the end of the year, complete with a side quest about the group of them helping Autumn Blaze out while trying to contain the Nirik within. It also includes a few other minor updates, which I've included below in the patch notes. Enjoy the kiri!

    Patch Notes: 

    Hi, everypony! We have new adventures for you!

    • Two-Sided Story. The Mane Six transform into Kirin to help Autumn Blaze... but can they handle the Nirik within?

    • Viva La Pinkie Pie: Part Two! Have you heard the story about how Pinkie Pie once ruled the Las Pegasus arcade scene?!

    • Camera Sensitivity. Adjust the swipe speed! Go to "Game Settings" for more info.

    • Critter Ranch Improvements. Fully upgraded farms will become resource-generating shops as well!

    Enjoy new adventures with us ;)