• Open Brony Music (All Skill Levels Welcome) - #34


    Another day, another Open Music compilation. The death of the brony music scene is very much exaggerated with this absolute flood of music!

    Go get it all below as always, from new musicians to pros dropping their instrumnetal greatness.

    [1] Source
    Pony Town Halloween 2022 Update - 01 Creepy Pizza by John Doe

    [2] Source
    TM - They Found Me (Spooky Track) by Toby Macarony

    [3] Source
    Monster Party (Evershade Remix) by Evershade

    [4] Source
    WoodenToaster feat. Mic The Microphone - Nightmare Night (Brilliant Venture VIP Mix) [LIVE DJ TOOL] by Brilliant Venture

    [5] Source
    OPALINE DARK BEAT by Swagg Bronii

    [6] Source
    [Drum&Bass] Tw3Lv3 - Solitude (VIP) (feat. Doodled) by Tw3Lv3

    [7] Source
    Ink Rose- Little Sunshine (Royalpony Bootleg) by Minami_Agasai_(RP)

    [8] Source
    NightMareNight Is Comming 2022 Canon in Ostinato by Dandelion Ass

    [9] Source
    Even When by MagicMakesitAllComplete

    [10] Source
    Let's run together - Makaryo (Remix) by Pony Princesses