• New G5 My Little Pony: Mane Merge Game Appears on Apple's Store


    Hasbro is really going all in on licencing out G5 in the gaming world, or at least when it comes to mobile. Yet another new one has arrived for G5, going by the name of My Little Pony: Mane Merge. Exclusively on Apple Arcade, it includes puzzles, mini games, customization things, and music in one big Crystal Brighthouse focused adventure.

    As with all Gameloft games, expect a lot of daily/weekly stuff, and collectathons.

    Go get the full press release and caps below.


    The Mane 5 need your help to save Equestria, exclusively on Apple Arcade, a game subscription service with over 100 groundbreaking new games.

    C’mon everypony, we must save Equestria! A darkness is creeping through the lands, causing chaos to the Earth Ponies of Maretime Bay, through to the Unicorns in Bridlewood, and even to the Pegasi soaring above the clouds in Zephyr Heights. Saddle up and help the Mane 5, Sunny, Izzy, Zipp, Pipp, & Hitch, as they work together to investigate what or who is behind this dark curse.

    Go on an adventure with your pony pals and explore Equestria as nopony has seen it before! Make your mark and inspire hope across the lands. Clear up the mysterious vines, heal jittery critters, and restore your surroundings by fulfilling everyponies' Wishes. Merge various items like Sunny Starscout's signature Smoothies and delicious desserts, and Izzy Moonbow's glittery craft supplies to complete Wishes.

    Play fun-filled mini-games at the Crystal Brighthouse with the Mane 5. Create beautiful friendship Bracelets with Izzy, shake your hoof-thing with Zephyr Heights's biggest pop star Pipp Petals, help Sunny restore her room after it's been taken over by critters, and so much more!


    Now that magic has returned to Equestria, darkness has fallen across the world. Explore, unlock, and uncover magical locations. Clear the darkness, defend magic, and rescue ponies and critters alike.

    Fulfil everyponies' wishes by merging and making items. Complete Wishes to restore the lands of Equestria to glory. Let your sparkle burn bright and do your part, hoof to heart!

    This is the new home of the Mane 5 and their mare-velous mini-games. The former lighthouse of Maretime Bay has been rebuilt, renovated, and re-energized.

    Complete challenges and achievements to collect stickers and fill out your Sticker Book. There are over 120+ stickers to collect, so trot to it!

    Try your hoof at the weekly challenges; feed the hungry critter in Feeding Frenzy or look for Sparky Sparkeroni in Find Sparky.

    Thanks to Julie for the heads up!