• My Little Pony: Generation 5 #6 Released Today! - Download Links, Variants, Discussion, and Let's Review!

    The Illustrious Q is feeling under the weather, so today's post is a two-fer. You can get all the comic book seeking information your heart desires and you can keep scrolling down for a review.

    Sunny and crew are on Discord's trail, but are they ready to face this bitter draconequus? Find all the info you need and a spoiler-ish review after the break!

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    My Little Pony: Generation 5 #6
    Celeste Bronfman (w) • Amy Mebberson (a CVR A) • JustSuta (CVR B) • Trish Forstner (1:10 RI CVR)

    Sunny and friends hunker down to dig into Discord’s past to find clues about where he could be hiding with the Pegasus Crystal.

     FC • 22 pages • $3.99


    In some ways I feel it fortunate that I'm doing both comic release and review in the same post. Look at that summary? It's a single line. Do you know why? Because this issue is the middle child of the story, but we haven't gotten to check in for three months. 


    You think you've got it hard, Pipp?
    Try waiting for the next issue to come out!

    We can tell that this is a return to the main conflict thanks to Amy Mebberson's distinct style. That style is further tested this issue as we witness a flashback. While keeping true to the previous issues, Mebberson doesn't try to force a different look on the ponies of the past. The end result is that we're meant to assume ponies all developed fetlocks over the years, making Big Macintosh and Shining Armor ahead of the evolutionary curve!


    Never really got that looping mane look.

    The mood conveyed by Heather Breckel's coloring likewise remains a strong foundation. The dimly-lit monitoring room and the Canterlot ruins remain cast in cooler tones and shades while a journey through the forest features a much brighter palette. Flashbacks are cast in a sepiatone and the final scenes are a mixture of darkness against a destructive fiery motif. Visually speaking, this issue is wonderfully consistent.


    Dude, that belongs in a museum!

    Within the larger storyline, however, there a terrible sense of loss. In past issues, I looked for a way that these divergant storylines could still tie in to the larger conflict. Issue #3 suggested studying Discord's history to learn what he might be doing. #4 featured a message from Discord himself, which led into #5 and a chance to find a magical item that would reveal his location.


    Beautiful, isn't it?

    This issue ignores all of that. In the absence of any leads, Zipp has taken a page from Twilight's book: Montior Everything! As such, they have covered Canterlot in wireless cameras and set up a station to watch ever possible venue. I suspect this was all paid out of the Princesses' pockets. The monitoring process has taken its toll, but a sharp notice from Pipp sets the group into action.


    The most and least motivated characters.
    Sisterhood extremes prevail!

    The dynamics have reset for the group as Zipp is the primary motivator, Pipp is the most resistant, and Hitch is the practicality keeping things balanced. Sunny seems to be the only one trying to address the hovering issue with Izzy. She doesn't want Izzy to feel abandoned, even as the group continually goes against Izzy's ideas. Unfortunately, Sunny's words ring hollow and it feels as though she has the least presence. That's been a concern with G5 overall. Although Sunny is the alicorn and the one who campaigned the hardest to reunite ponykind, her roll in subsequent stories seems far less motivated. She's rarely taking the lead in a situation, and thus her friends often take that roll.


    A sad Izzy.
    My day is ruined!

    The group is in pursuit of Discord's lacky, Reginald Fursome. A possum whom I can only hope is a descendant of Luna's pet Tiberius. The chase, however, is undermined by the group's conflict. Although each pony brings unique insights and strategies to the table, they're not synchronizing well. Much of the plot is driven as much by their mistakes as anything. Even though the trail gets lost early on, the journey does show why these new protagonists aren't ready to face Discord. They've yet to synergize their diversity to create a cohesive hole.


    Elon Musk's feelings. Portrayed via pony.

    Perhaps they'll have time to reflect on Fluttershy's message. Yes, even time and mortality cannot keep my favorite pony from leaving an impression. Reginald's trail leads them to Fluttershy's cottage; implying that Sunny & Co. were traveling through what used to be the Everfree Forest.


    "What was that noise?"

    A memory crystal in the basement conveys Fluttershy's thoughts into the present. Though only Izzy seems sympathetic to Discord's situation. I appreciate that Izzy is not being treated as a Pinkie Pie clone. Although some of her eccentricity matches the pink pone, her empathy and emotions are very much her own and help distinguish her character.


    And here we have the wild Izzy in her natural habitat.
    Listen to her distinct call.

    We only have a small appearance by present-day Discord. Much of this story is a flashback showing how he started to think that magical was a divider rather than a unifyer. His plan to destroy the pegasus crystal becomes more apprant thanks to a Daring Do adventure book. Probably not what the adventurous Mare intended.


    And this is him on a good day.

    I am still curious to see where this story leads, but this issue carries much more frustration because it renders the last several issues truly pointless. They were indeed filler. I get the sense that Celeste Bronfman is writing this story with a clear goal and awareness of what came before, but then other writers are trying to tie into the story as well without any clear communication. Rather than build on what's come before, this issue reduces the experience.


    Relevant Fluttershy.
    My day is improved!

    We have one more issue before the ponies make their move to confront Discord. A Hitch story by the look of it and while I will see what it does for his character, I won't be looking to see how it might tie into the larger story. It'll be filler, which can be fun but is also a tactic that leads to audience impatience. We'll see how it all goes.


    I wonder how many critters stayed at Fluttershy's cottage after she was gone.

    What are your thoughts? Post down in the comment section and we'll look forwarding to seeing what you have to say!


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