• My Little Pony Deckbuilding Game - True Talents Expansion - Zecora and Scootaloo Revealed

    The True Talents expansion for the My Little Pony deckbuilding game was announced back in October with a few cards to get everyone ready for it. Today we have two more to go with those! Introducing Zecora and Scootaloo. Game designer Chris Chung also released a little blurb for these two.

    Head on down below for everything! 

    "For Scootaloo, the action of moving to higher-cost Locations can be quite difficult for players to achieve early on in the game. Scootaloo uses her scooter (engine sold seperately) to help players get to untouched Locations. If players also have cards that benefit players being together at the same Location, they can all come from multiple Locations to a single one, so she's super helpful!

    For Zecora, Clouds can be annoying factor to face because the longer the game goes on, the more Clouds become too daunting to deal with! We got her to create a magic elixir that removes a Cloud-- amazing! But Zecora must be careful, because she could be discarding two excellent cards that she could've used to gain more Sugar Cubes. Do you take the guaranteed help, or do you risk the haybiscuit?"

    You can get the details on this one over here, and expect to find it in December!