• CMC Day Discussion: Character Development, Episode Ideas and More!


    My Little Pony CMC Day Discussion Author Calpain

    While our Mane 6 were the stars of the show, all the while another saga was playing out in the background with the CMC. I remember at first when the CMC became a thing the fandom was apprehensive, especially because we all wanted in those early seasons more screen time for the main ponies we were just getting to know. As time went on though, the CMC episodes became less of a drag for most people in the fandom and the three fillies eventually became staples in fandom works that continue to this day.

    So what are your thoughts, gang? Did you think the character arcs of CMC as a whole were satisfying? What would you have changed if you had the chance? What further episodes would you have suggested for the CMC?

    Talk about all of that and more in the comments!

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