• Open Brony Music (All Skill Levels Welcome) - #31


    Tavi is good. Tavi delivers more Open Music.

    Below, get music from around the fandom, with pros and new people alike throwing their skills into the ring!

    [1] Source
    Aiky - Robot by Aiky

    [2] Source
    ♫ Daybreaker [Orchestral] by Michael Picher - Composer

    [3] Source
    The Dark Library (feat. Red Riot) - MLP Spooky Fanmusic by Pit Crew

    [4] Source
    Tw3Lv3 & Sky Runner - we've never met before [Drum and Bass] by Drumscape Library

    [5] Source
    Fluttershy's Heart Will Go On by /mlp/

    [6] Source
    SpinScissor - FRIGHT QUITE! by SpinScissor

    [7] Source
    PONKPHONK by IAmGlimm

    [8] Source
    Luck Rock | Starlight's Anthem Remix -Free Download- by The4th Homunculi -Envy-

    [9] Source
    [Drum&Bass] Tw3Lv3 - Look to the Sky by Tw3Lv3