• Open Brony Music (All Skill Levels Welcome) - #28

    More open music has arrived! Expect musicians new and old in here, along with instrumental stuff.

    Go listen below.

    [1] Source

    My Little Pony: Save the World (30-minute Orchestral Soundtrack) by EveryDayDashie

    [2] Source

    [MASHUP] Monster Party x Hourglass - My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale x Alice Chater by El Brony Villero :v (aka Flash Sentrisimo)

    [3] Source

    MLP: Tell Your Tale “Let Out Your Light” (Believe It) GarageBand Cover UNPLUGGED by TunedPonyMusic and MLP Stuff

    [4] Source

    Whirlwind - Bright Green Eyes (official video) by Whirlwind Studios

    [5] Source

    The Sweet Apple Scarecrow - Spooky MLP Fanmusic by Pit Crew

    [6] Source

    PORTRAIT DAY - MY LITTLE PONY (Ukulele Cover) by QuantumHippologist

    [7] Source

    Dat1Pony - Crazy F**K (Prod. KR) [Single Version] by DaPony / Dat1Pony