• My Little Pony Classics Reimagined: Little Fillies #3 Solicitation Revealed - Writer, Synopsis, and Artist

    G4 news arrives! That's rare~ IDW has released solicits for January 2023, and with it comes the third installment of "My Little Pony Classics Reimagined: Little Fillies". It's weird to think of G4 as a "classic" now, but here we are!

    Head on down below for the various covers, along with synopsis and stuff for this one!

    (Writer) Megan Brown 

    (Artist/Cover Artist) Jenna Ayoub

    Spring is finally here, and with it comes challenges for the Little Fillies. Sickness, departures, and, worst of all, a bad haircut. Jo struggles to remain hopeful with all the changes, but she knows a good story requires development. It would just be nice if every pony could stay the same and everything would go back to normal!

    In Shops: Jan 11, 2023