• Apple Bloom Joins Allyster Black For The Horse's Mouth 10th Episode!

    It's that time again fillies and gentlecolts. The Horse's Mouth is back with its next episode, and in style with the incredible Michelle Creber as our guest this go-round. Check below the break for the next episode, and Woo! Awesome to be back!


    (Update: Video is no longer private!) 

    Like the title says, we are joined today by the youngin' of the Apple family, Apple Bloom. She joined us over in the Equestria Daily Discord a couple months back for an interview and a questions and answers with the chat, and now we get to share it with yall. Click that link below to catch our returning series back better than before. Massive props to Grimlock, one of our awesome mods, for taking the time to help out by doing the editing for the episode!

    Still not in the Discord? Did not know we did this interview live? How about our live interviews there with G4 Director Big Jim, or G5 Director Robert Cullen, and many more? If you like hearing from these talented folks, you are missing out. Click here to join the fastest growing MLP server on Discord!