• Open Brony Music (All Skill Levels Welcome) - #17

    Artist @stink111

    We've got lots of music lately, so the Open Music post is early! Head on down below for a selection of experiemental, new people, or instrumentals. All skill levels welcome!

    > [1] Source
    Smile Song goofy ahh remix (Smile hd goofy remix) by Lamer 234

    [2] Source
    SweetF1RE - ЖРАТЬ (ч.1) by SweetF1RE

    [3] Source
    the hard way bootleg by Spikey Wikey

    [4] Source
    Koron Korak - A Nice Time on Holidays [Zouk] by Koron Korak

    [5] Source
    Daybreaker Dub ft ZD, NickyD, Ditherer, and 4EverFreeBrony (Prod. Evdog) by NickyD

    [6] Source
    Optimistic - Happy MLP Music by Pit Crew

    [7] Source
    Rainbow Factory (Stellar Synths Remix / Cover) by Stellar Synths

    [8] Source
    Trials and Tribulations by Thunder Dash

    [9] Source
    Hoof on Heart Acoustic by Steely Hooves

    [10] Source
    Drixale - Sing For The Night (Everfree Park : After Hours) by Drixale