• Neat Previs Reel for My Little Pony: A new Generation Showing Off Early Animation And Cut Content!

    As with most forms of media, there were early renditions and concepts that didn't quite make it to the final phase of release for My Little Pony: A New Generation, and this video shows off an early look at the Canterlogic factory product demonstration scene, showing the overall planning for it, along with a few cut bits of conctent, including the image above with a pony using a cage for protection, an extra Sprout scene where he's stopped at the door of the factory, and finally Sprout destroying a bridge with his final doomsday machine.

    Head on down below to watch it!

    My Little Pony - Previs Reel from Saloni Jain on Vimeo.

    Thanks to G5MLP for the heads up.